Improve your Guild Wars 2 Client Performance by using Vulkan Driver. Don't Wait Anet release DX11. Just add DxVK files inside your Guild Wars 2 folder.

 Linux and Vulkan Open Source gaming community shines with DxVK and you can use it even in Windows to replace the DirectX Drivers with Vulkan Drivers!

    On this article i will cover how you can use the Vulkan Drivers to have in a Windows 7 PC and later (win 10 and Win 8 is exactly the same procedure) the best performance ever in Guild Wars 2.  Guild Wars 2 still uses the older API of DirectX (directX 9) and this old API is the main client's performance bottleneck and for this reason Anet is trying to make the client DX11. I tried the DX11 of the client but it failed hard as you can see on this picture on the bottom of the page*.
     Maybe DX11 failed, but DxVK helped me to Play and Stream Same Time Guild Wars 2 with only one 9 years old PC (with dual VGA). You can still watch parts of my WvW streams on the highlights of the  TsekouriTV Twicth channel and make your own conclusions of the final result. An example of this performance is this video.

    I am not using extra recording device other than the OBS as software recording program and an extra old amd VGA (7800 series) and i am playing gw2 on a rx480 on 1080p with the help of 4 CPU cores only. My PC Hardware is not ancient but it is not new or powerful now but with some smart adjustments i can enjoy playing and streaming gw2 like i have a much younger and better PC.

    One of these adjustments is to use the DxVK that you can download form their site, here.
     If you are a 3d developer you can help DxVK development too since it is open source project like Vulkan and Wine (the 2 projects that are responsible for DxVK)! 

  What DxVK does?

     The Translator. DXVK provides a Vulkan-based translation layer for D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 aka to DirectX Api that is responsible for the creation of textures in games to Vulkan Api that is doing exactly the same but it is a... Modern API and it improves the performance of GW2 by a lot ! If you read my site you know that i like to draw things to cover my bad English under the carpet 😅 So, this is what DxVK does!

DxVK is doing the same in All Windows Versions. I know people that using the 22.3.1 AMD drivers!

   When i started again GW2 before some months i had terrible performance and a Linux friend that still plays Guild Wars 2 told me about dxvk and since then never removed! BTW, i still have the 1.9.2 version.

    How to Download and use DxVK on Windows? 

    You download a zipped file from the release link i added before and for the 1.10.1 dxvk version is this direct link.  You extract it somewhere (because it is tar.gz zip file you need program that can unzip it. on Win7 i am using the famous 7zip that you can download from here for 64bit and here for 32bit Windows) and you copy all the dlls that are inside this zipped file inside the installation folder of guild wars 2 ( Inside the same folder with the Gw2-64.exe ). If you are using the 32bit Guild Wars 2 client you need to copy the files that are inside the 32bit of DxVK zip file (DxVK has both 32bit and 64bit files. use the correct for your OS)

    That's it for Windows OS. Just a copy paste. Nothing else! In Windows there is no need to follow all the steps Linux Users are doing because all these steps exist because they want to create the necessary windows paths to a Linux PC that are enabled by default in Windows!

    Is DxVK hack or can they ban you?

    You should know that DxVK just improves the performance of GW2 (or any DirectX 9 game) and it is not hacking or altering the game or any game to take advantage against other players. It uses the same technology with the well known TacO! So if they ban you for dxvk, they wanted to ban you and they just found a reason!


* this is what happened to the options menu of the game after i enabled the dx11 in the client and the reason is that the dx11 client is suggested to gw2 players that have created their accounts after 2015. So... the old accounts stay with DxVK and everything will be the same or even better than the original dx11 client!
dx11 guild wars 2

UPDATE 20-6-2022: i am using the DXVK: v1.9.2 on win 7 again because i found that is better than the new version. As i said i have not new H/W , not new account and not new windows and maybe something or all of these is the reason...

UPDATE 09-8-22: the implementation of DX9 to Vulkan via DXVK tested on low Hardware and it gives better input lag (less) but same fps in new accounts too! Imo, if you satisfied with Vulkan implementation with DXVK don't change to DX11 at least yet!