New professions and features made every old tactic in WvW impossible. If new professions skills and new WvW features are not addressed, we will never have fun in WvW again.

Nobody is trying to revive a Lord with a Warbanner, Nobody is searching for a Mesmer inside keeps, Thieves stopped contesting the enemy's way-point because it is a suicide mission with name [reveal] written on their forehead and nobody speaks about the extinction of all old WvW tactics anymore!

    On May 5 2022 i rage quit for first time after 9 months from WvW. The reason was that i tried to revive the Lord of our Keep with the Elite Banner with the help of  2 different skills of stability and they both removed before their time's end and i feared and ofc i never applied the banner to lord that i had target to not losing his spot. My disappointment was big and this is why i rage quit the game for 2nd time in a week. One time from a very difficult Living Story's fight and now from A Keep fight in... WvW!

    I searched how this was happened and i realized that now there are more professions than one as was in the past that can remove our boons (boon strip). In the past (before the 3 expansions) there was only one Mesmer skill that it could remove our boons. Now, 3 professions can remove them and 1 profession can corrupt the time of our boons. Statistically speaking this change from 1 to 3+1 is 300%+ change more!

    Every single one old wvw player has lived incredible moments in the past with the old professions. Epic fights (with lag ofc because the game was new and inside full servers) that were last for hours because both sides used every single one tactic against its enemy/enemies. Parties with Mesmers and Thieves dedicated to remain hidden inside the tower for an hour while they were waiting the regroup of the main group, defending groups always had warriors to revive the Lord to continue defending the Keep and so on. Watch the video at the end now to understand what i am saying here...

    Anet brought the new professions to Guild Wars 2 to make it better and unfortunately these skills from these new professions is the reason that the WvW is not funny anymore and became frustrating since they made every single one old tactic impossible for old and new WvW players, like this one in the the image below before 9 years that i am sharing with you now...

What are the problematic Skills and features in WvW during 2022 (old and new)? 

  1. Reveal from anything inside the enemy territory (guards, towers and enemy players can reveal you now).
  2. Remove all boons from enemy player aka boon strip (i found only one conversation about this subject on official forums here)
  3. Superspeed, quickness and alacrity stacking. 
  4.  CC stacking. 
  5. Boon Strip and No boon strip notice on screen or even in combat log! 
  6. No Way-point on the friendly Keeps after re-cap.(this is the oldest reason that makes the new WvW players don't want to play in Home Borderlands when they are playing alone)
  7. Not too many Objects inside Home Borderlands and the center of the HBL maps are huge wasting area!

How can these new or old problems can be addressed to create a Better WvW than now?

    To successfully address a problem someone needs to determine what the problem actually is .

    The biggest problem with almost all of them is that they are massive! Reveal or not Reveal, Remove all boons (boon strip) or fail to remove all and ofc the stacking combo of superspeed, quickness and alacrity that make the zerg fights impossible to counter played from smaller groups.Now only the Number of players matters and not the skill. Also, every boon is just one category (the same gravity has the might boon with fury and so on). 

    Also, the game has changed and Anet is acting like the game released yesterday and the rewards for new players or characters in 80 level should remain the... exotic that it isn't suggested in any meta content in any game-mode of Guild Wars 2! In every site that people are linking their suggested builds including the official official forums people are sharing builds with ASCENDED GEAR not with EXOTIC GEAR!!!


    When they were bringing Superspeed on engine it was predictable that nobody will use Mesmers anymore to mobile Golems. Also the stacking of superspeed in-combat makes a character playing with total different speed from its enemies all the time and gives position advantage on enemies with better H/W, internet speed and lag.

    Better not speak for the CC stacking because this CC stacking makes the no stealth or high mobility professions not a wise choice for WvW Roaming anymore since these professions fall prey to pin-sniped tactics from larger groups or enemies with more CC skills to apply on their enemies and they have no skill to counter the massive CC (as example i name the immobilize skill that a guardian haven't any skill or trait to deal with that).

    I can propose some ideas and they can do whatever they want with WvW. As it is now, Nobody cares for WvW anymore. 

  1. CC should not stack on characters. Perma Stun + perma immobilize is wrong.
  2. Home Borderland Maps are not funny to play, since players are wasting a lot of time on running to map. This is the reason that all no wvw players want to play EBG and only! (Friendly keeps should have Way-point from the 1st minute and StoneMist never).
  3. Boons should have 2 categories (fight and non fight boons) and superspeed belongs to fight boons.
  4. Reveal of Towers and NPC should have different behavior (something like commandos for those have played the game. i know old but you can search for it and watch a video to understand what i mean).
  5. Home Borderlands Maps need 1 more tower north of Bay and Hill (total 2 towers) and NPC content inside Ruins (the logic behind these empty ruins is the core of the problems in HB WvW because without the dedicated WvW guilds that have left nobody stays on the maps anymore). 
  6. Claims should have time-decay status, based on the presentation of the guild on Map... This decay solves the Anet's problem from Big guilds that couldn't claim Objects in WvW in the past.
  7. Smaller Guilds means Slower progress since the influence that these guilds earn from their members activities is coming from less people and lesser than big guilds.Claim ability on small objects like camps is everyone's business and not only Big Guild's. My post on official forum here was the reason to start this site and 2 projects to help Aurora Glade*, with the dream to help my voice reach the right ears but after 3 months i have lost any hope for that because i realized that Anet don't like the small guilds or lonely players when the one of the 2 head anet directors call the scouters... individuals.

The punishment to smaller guilds and scouters returned to Anet
in Full. 
GG Anet, nobody wants to play WvW anymore!

    How i know that? Sunday evening, Winter at 21:32 in Greece, 20:32 Gmt aka Prime Time in whole Europe and no Queue in any WvW Map in a match-up with 6 merged servers.! The Image below speaks volume and it is not mine since you know from the post for the gw2 performance trick here and my H/W when i am playing that i am still using windows 7 since i have old H/W!

Anet you don't like small guilds or scouters (your individuals)?
Guess What,
Nobody likes your WvW too!
*    Now after 3 months i really don't want to continue this or any project i had in my plans to help Aurora Glade because if i help Aurora Glade to have night coverage is like i am doing what Anet failed or didn't want to do all these years and i don't want to help Arenanet by helping Aurora Glade.
    I don't like Arenanet anymore even i still like GW2 as game and i am still playing it. It's obvious to me now that Arenanet don't like us (scouters) playing in WvW and this is why Arenanet made our gaming difficult, frustrating and not funny anymore with all these changes with expansions that made the roaming and scouting a very expensive, impossible for new players and without meaning to play game-mode!
This is what Anet took from us in WvW with expansions👇

     Update 19-june-2022: My Warbanner failed to revive the lord inside our keep and ofc i rage quit the game for 3rd time. Now i am really happy that i didn't buy the EoD and the reason is exclusive the WvW mode. If i give my money to anet is like i'm supporting anet and this is the last thing i want now after what they did to WvW!