Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 Online Gaming Survive Kit for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 and Forever!

"Friendly" Reminder Gaming Industry. Gamers are not dependent on Gaming industry, Gaming Industry is dependent on Gamers!

    As a WvW GW2 veteran gamer with thousands of hours inside the WvW Mist Maps and as a volunteer WvW trainer and helper on WvW tactics that helped the first pure pug WvW guild for Aurora Glade with the prototype name ...  [PUG] that had an IRL female Human Being as Leader (you can watch us on the last video of this page👇) i have all the necessary info to predict the future of Windows online gaming and the gaming on PC in General... Read until the end to learn it!


    When Windows Developers of Arenanet on July of 2023, of EA this month and of Steam on the next month will restrict as they already announced the access το Windows 7, 8 gamers with older Hardware (10 years old PC with Windows 7 that plays gw2 like a charm) for unknown technical reasons to gamers a huge wave of misery mixed with rage and backlash is coming to hit the gaming industry.


    Because, there was no reason at all to block the access of our and my Windows 7 PC with i7 CPU, 16 GB or RAM and the RX 480 with 8 GB of VRAM from accessing our Windows games (games that created for Windows 7!!!).


Buy Games from and play them Forever.


    During July of 2023 Arenanet Developers removed the access to all Windows 7 gamers by removing the coherent support and I can not play Guild Wars 2 that is a Windows 7 game with my Windows 7 PC.

    During December of 2023 EA removed the access to all Windows 7 gamers by force again and i can not play the Star Wars Battlefront II that is a Windows 7 game anymore with my Windows 7 PC.


    During January of 2024 Valve will remove the access to all window 7 gamers by force again and i will not play Player Unknown Battlegrounds that is a Windows 7 game with my Windows 7 PC anymore. 


    So, "Τρίτωσε το κακό" for me and these 3 gaming companies created a bad pattern because the support of windows 10 official ends exactly one year later.


    Until now, the official end of support of Windows 10 is for the October of 2025 and the bad pattern the Win7 End of support creates a trust crisis inside the gaming community between gamers and gaming companies because the Windows 10 gamers are the next victims of this inconsistent behavior from the leading gaming companies against us.

    As a Greek Citizen the last decade, I know how bad is the lack of Trust because our politicians and economical elites sold our future to make more money for them, and now it's time for the AAA gaming industry to taste the same "fruit" of the lack of trust and i am sure they hadn't predict the real issues they created by blocking the Windows 7 gamers from accessing and playing their games!

    Until 2030 there are 7 hot years and the options we have as old gamers are plenty and we can develop and support new options while the big gaming companies spent all their moves against us by removing the access of our 10 years but decent Hardware on the ...Windows 7 games we bought and played for thousands of hours.


It was too difficult for you to create separate game launcher for the older PC, eh? 




  There are 2 basic modes of PC gaming, the online PC gaming and the offline PC gaming and since the offline PC gaming remains almost unaffected from the big gaming companies because nobody can stop Windows 7, 8 gamers from starting their single-player games in offline mode or online, it seems the problem remains almost 100% the online Windows 7 PC gaming mode. 


    And the Online PC gaming mode has 2 categories too. The DRM online games and the DRM FREE online games.


    Even GoG's gaming launcher (where you can find DRM FREE games) has already blocked the access to Windows 7 PC users too, we can still play our online games we bought from GoG with the original game's launcher as we can still play any game has its own executable (like these 2 games on the below photo) because this is all about the DRM FREE games and now it is the time from gamers to realize how wrong was this DRM since DRM can bind the game even with a Windows 7 PC and a game can not be played if player upgraded or downgraded the OS without the online consent of the company that created the DRM.


Age Of Conan and UT2004 Online on a Windows 7 PC on 10-12-2023.


    Since Steam has only DRM games now it is time to realize dear gamer that the Digital Rights Management (DRM) weren't about Gamers but Companies Rights!

    I will not openly advice anyone, to continue or stop playing Steam games but if the Windows 7, 8 PC gamers restrictions on Steam launcher and the fact that we can not play our bought games without Steam launcher didn't teach you something until now, it's time to realize dear gamer that you have a serious learning problem!

    It happened on Steam with the Windows XP, Vista games, it is happening now with Windows 7, 8 games and it will happen with the Windows 10 in only 1 and 1/2 year and on any platform is becoming obsolete and you have bought your Steam games on this platform!

    For historical reasons i have to say now as Windows 7 PC gamer that i can still play my other EA games that are on Steam but they don't have an exclusive Steam or EA launcher because i bought them out of Steam and the only games i can not play are the games i bought through Steam,EA and Arenanet launchers and they don't have independent launcher!


    Also i can still play all my online games that i bought on GoG because with the DRM Free games i can delete the GoG's game launcher shortcut and create game's launcher from inside the game's folder and play the game even GoG is not supporting Windows 7, 8 PC anymore! If you read the GoG's forum post of the previous link you will realize that the DRM FREE games are about our RIGHTS as gamers to play our games independent from the launchers and we can still play our games in any device we have them. Nobody can stop us from moving our DRM FREE game to a new laptop that we want to take in our holidays where we may not having good internet connection, like it is happening on a sailing boat!


    I wrote the last example with sailing boat and summer holidays to emphasize that it is not about money the necessarily of DRM Free games to prevail but about the freedom of Gamers to play our games to any device and place we want or need!


    Personally again, 3 months after the Restriction Attacks on Windows 7 PC i have replaced Guild Wars 2 with Age of Conan since it has an individual game launcher that still supports my Windows 7 PC and i am still playing the unsupported from Epic UT2004 on (an open source replacement of old gamespy) and ofc i am still playing my old Games, even the ancient emulation games with my friends with Zerotier and moonlight (the video guide below has more links for both projects but a note about that. There is no need to use the email registration of nvidia's gaming experience if you are going to use it only with moonlight since nvidia already dropped the support to its 3d fast remote gaming. So the email registration of the below video guide is total unnecessary!).

    In conclusion... The 3 + 3 new Solutions that Windows 7 PC gamers still have to continue playing their games online during 2023, 2024 and ... Forever are ...


  1. Use the independent game's client like the Age of Conan Unchained aka AoC i am playing now on my Windows 7 PC as you saw on the above image because Arenanet decided to block the access to Windows 7,8 PC ... or
  2. search if your old game has a guide for online gaming! (if you know any other revive kit share with us with a comment below please)
  3. Since now, start buying your games from that are selling only DRM FREE games because the GoG launcher can't restrict the access to your games. You buy and download the game with a Browser and there is not any launcher between you and your game to block the procedure of downloading and finally play the game! The last working gog client on WIndows 7 is this:
  4. has also a DRM-free category with 899 903 results and i think you should prefer if you are an itchio gamer.
  5. has DRM-free games that you can play to their network.And finally the best solution is to ...
  6. Use the Zerotier 1.6.6  on Window 7, 8 (or you can install it to your router if you have a compatible router for that VPN service) and play with your friends all your old single-player Windows 7 or even the very old Windows XP games or lan games on a Virtual LAN on the internet!

    That's all Folks and since i promised a prediction for Windows Online Gaming now it's time to announce that nothing will happen or change to gaming on Windows since nobody can take our Windows games from us but the problem is upon anyone restricted the access to them and this is a future post for ... guild wars 2 since Q3 earnings announced!


    For the last i will leave the proof with my 1st run with the [PUG] WvW guild on Aurora Glade during the WvW Spring Tournament 2014 where you can see how well can the pug players women and men addicted to WvW of your servers can help the WvW guilds on their server role...


Happy Online Gaming, Happy Christmas and Happy New 2024 Year

to the dozens of millions

of still Windows 7 & Windows 8, 8.1 PC Users & Gamers!


p.s. I enabled the comments bellow for this post (even the an0n posts) because the no techie people may still have problem to understand or figure out how to continue playing their no Windows 7, 8 hating games on their Windows 7, 8 PC online and you can ask me anything but please, stop using outdated and no supported browsers and start using Firefox, Palemoon and SeaMonkey and all the updated browsers for Windows XP as browsers. Many of them are still supporting Windows 7 & Windows 8 PC!

About the comments: I hope you understand if i will not answer on your post in time since i don't have internet on my phone only on my Windows 7 PC😀

Update 23-12-2023: Thank you for your contributors to the comments. The above list just updated!

Update 7-1-2024: I posted the above video to guild wars 2 WvW forums too, if you want to comment. It is 2024 and i am still a Windows 7 PC Gamer who is playing his games on a Windows 7 PC and nothing can change this!


  1. i tried to install zerotier on a full updated windows 10 and it failed because the antivirus's firewall blocked it. i had to open 3 ports to make it work on windows.

    it is very important tech tip for windows users to nothing block the creation of the virtual nic and the network access to them.

    1. Thank you for the comment but i think it needs only 1 port to remain open on your PC not 3.

      Personal i opened only the port that suggests on the official zerotier turorial

      and it worked for me.

      maybe, some more strict firewall as the guide says need more work on opening of ports!

  2. has drm free games too but you don't say a word for them.

    Add them to your list pls

    1. Yes, you are right about itchio.. i just checked their site and i found that it has a category with 899 results (probable it means games or demo) that are labeled as DRM-free.

      Even i haven't played any itchio game i will include their games to the above list.
      Thank you for the info.

  3. You can play 10+ old games online with including the UT2004 you are playing on

    This is the page with the supported games

    1. Thank you for the informations about

      i will try them first and after i will update the post if the service is good


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