Friendly Garrisons in Home Bordelands and Eternal Battlegrounds should always have waypoints for the defenders and the No Friendly Garrisons never. Stonemist Castle should never have waypoint.


The frustration that WvW players feel when they are losing a T3 keep comes from the fact that they have to run double time to find action in a map with a friendly Garrison without waypoint.

    Unfortunately when there are no zergs or guilds on a map to create content for the scouters and casual wvw players of the servers inside WvW maps the Guild Wars 2 WvW game-mode becoming...Waypoint Wars 2 game-mode .

Necessary abbreviation: 1. EBG = Eternal Battlegrounds , 2. HBL =  Home Borderland.

What is the main reason and casual players prefer EBG from HBL maps?

    The main reason for the empty HBL maps is the TIME that someone has to run in a empty map to find action. In an empty Map as defender you have to spent almost double time to find action in the south of the map for HBL if your friendly Garrison hasn't waypoint!

Why casual WvW players are not staying in HBL Maps?

    If you are alone in HBL map you have in the center of the map the [Empty of Content] Ruins, while in EBG you have in the center of the Map the Stonemist Castle!

    The comparison between Stonemist Castle and Ruins as content and the extra time that WvW players have to run to find action in a Empty HBL map discourages the players to play in HBL maps and for this reason most of them they are leaving them when they kill the guard and capture a camp for their daily achievements because they are spending too much time without action traveling on the map.


Stonemist Castle as it was 9 years ago... it never changed!

    The Stonemist Castle should never have waypoint because now it used against the outnumbered enemies as tactical advantage to push them both in their corner. When i saw Stonemist Castle for the first time (Monday, February 04, 2013, 02:19:24 and it was my 3rd print-screen in game 12 days after 1st login in gw2!) i thought it was the end game price and not the way to make our enemies in game suffering.... 


    Also, the EBG map is smaller and more compact map while HBL are bigger maps and it has much better PvE content than HBL!!!  This WvW Image below proves that in a second ....


For all these reasons EBG is the favorite map for no dedicated wvw players or for no WvW guild or guild-less players aka PUGS.


EBG vs HBL as WvW Objects and WvW Content!

    Friendly reminder that I am not speaking here for the maps during the 2-4 hours of the prime time that most of the times both Garrisons in HBL and EBG have people and the Garrisons have waypoints because there are  people to care for the upgrades, but for the rest 20-22 hours of the day!


    If you want to compare something, compare the 2-4 hours of prime time with the rest 20-22 hours of the day and ask this Question.

    What period of the day between these 2 you think is more important WvW dev? Let me help you. For us as players and for the Server's WvW is the biggest period because this period matters more for the matchup score!!!


How can WvW comes to life the next day and with the easiest changes?

    There is not a magic wand but as a wvw player myself i know what i hate more when i am playing alone in HBL and it is the moments when we don't have waypoint in Garrison and i have to start the running from the HBL waypoint until the south camp.. More of the times i don't even go to the south camp and i change map to ebg or game-mode or even log-off! I prefer to log-off than playing a boring game. it's that simple!
    This time is more than 2 minutes and it sounds small period but a player now in gw2 spends a lot of time in running for all the characters activities. Maybe devs still think it was good to make people spending time in game in running like this in HBL or inside the Home instance but it proved double edge sword because after 3 expansions the time gw2 players are spending for crafting, the home instance and for necessary activities for their characters i counted and it is ... 45 minutes minimum per day. Almost 1 hour per day for the necessary in-game activities!!!

    It is not easy for me to explain many times what is really happening in WvW and why because English is not my nature language and i am sorry if you suffer reading these "diamonds" here, but WvW devs should understand that there is not only guild players in WvW and the life in WvW comes from casual players too and after WvW alliances week they had all the time to understand what Servers aka Worlds mean for casual WvW players!

    WvWDevs have ignored for too long the casual players in WvW even casual players have a Role in WvW and Anet recognized their role in GW2 Wiki as Roamers and Scouters (WvW Roles) and WvW suffers from coverage problem now. Good luck with WvW because there is not any community problem as your partners saying! It's a game-type's problem and there is a Pve Frankenstein syndrome that affected gw2 after 3 expansions that need to be addressed asap!