There are 3 basic Mechanisms that affected from the combat mode of WvW in Guild Wars 2 but, their realistic implementations in WvW aren't the best approach!

 It seems, the PvE Frankenstein Syndrome affected the fundamental mechanisms of combat in WvW too!

3 combat mechanisms/mechanics are the basic combat mechanisms of WvW in Guild Wars 2 in WvW. 

  1. Revival in WvW (from a down or defeated state), 
  2. Movement in WvW and 
  3. Skills in WvW.
    When GW2 released before 10 years all these 3 mechanisms had different behavior when the character was in combat mode and during time they changed. They all became more realistic but imo the realistic approach for the non real life emulating games is not the best approach because the realistic approach creates unnecessary frustration to players for a game that is a fantasy mmo game like GW2 is or even an unwanted exploitation of the game as you will see and watch later on this post.

    Let's take a detailed look on them.

 Revival in WvW.

    Revival is the process of bringing a player or NPC back from downed or defeated state. Any character can revive another by using the context-sensitive action (default key F) while next to the applicable target. Some NPCs will revive other NPCs and (occasionally) players. The more characters that assist, the faster the revival process completes. 

    This is the definition in GW2 wiki that you can read here, but even the wiki analyzes the skills, achievements and the lore behind the Revival it doesn't say a word for its different behavior in WvW.

    I don't know the reason why they didn't write the different behavior in WvW but i know that it changed because zergs had advantage on revival due to the plethora or revival resources inside a zerg blob and it had to be changed and devs correct changed it!

    But there are not only Zerg fights in WvW, there are small fights too and the time that passes trying to revive a downed friendly player is the time that determines who will win the fight!

    Imo, in small fights the time from no combat mode to combat mode should be 0 seconds if player is not fighting anyone or not using his skills. See the recently image below from a typical camp capture (the Festival of the Four Winds announcement proves it) and decide by your self if the time between combat and non combat mode is correct now... i will not say anything more, the text on the image describes the Issue!

Thank you NPC AI and Realistic Revival!You ruined my WvW experience for another one time!

Movement in WvW. 

    Movement (alternatively, Mobility) is an umbrella term that refers to the fundamental game mechanic of a unit being able to travel from one location to another and Movement Speed refers to the distance a character travels over a period of time, relative to the ground, by using the movement keys or movement actions. 

        These 2 descriptions and further info GW2 wiki gives and again not a single word for WvW game-mode...

    This time i can't use an image to show to you the problem but a video for the movement problem from the current implementation of the rune of speed and its true speed! The Video is not mine but i really don't understand why they have in-game and in wiki that the rune of speed is giving +66%  swiftness speed instead of +33% while it is around +40% speed (watch the video below).Also, i tested in PvP and it gives the same ... it's around +40% swiftness speed (you can do the test for free too in PvP)!

    I really don't know why this rune is so expensive and the only reason i am thinking is because the materials to craft it are expensive by themselves. Also the changes during time to this rune that it doesn't give any offensive advantage doesn't makes sense to me because devs are promoting superspeed stacking to some classes that gives more speed and options for escape from a battle than the rune of speed!

Skills in WvW.

    I don't want to be dramatic but Skills were and still are the mechanisms/mechanics that have the biggest impact to the players of Guild Wars 2. Skills affect all the players and in every game not only GW2 players but for a mysterious reason in GW2 WvW players are always blaming the armor and weapons for the exploited classes while the majority of times the main guilty for the problem was the... Skills.

    (Are you already done with celestial armor /weapon dear WvW player or not yet?If not, you have 2 weeks during the Festival of Four Wings to collect huge amount of quartz to craft any celestial armor/weapon you want and win the INTERNETZ! ok? ok let's continue now.) /parenthesis closed!

    The Skills' power was always the problem and now i found that the skill mechanism implemented wrong even... Realistic!

    Why? Because, their usage doesn't add the character in combat mode from the 1st skill and the non combat mode allow skills and weapons to be changed while the 1st skill has... FIRED**! I don't know how many skills or classes are affected by this exploit and if players are using macros to bypass the time between the combat and no combat mode after the fire of the 1st skill, but i know that it is wrong to not add the character in combat mode after character fires the 1st skill (any skill on players' skill bar, expect the mount skill).

    I know that you may still be confused of what i mean and for this reason i will use someone's else gameplay 1st that he/she don't know that it is a exploit and he/she uploaded the video on youtube and after a smaller video from my character Tsekouri giving a small taste of building 18 stacks of might for 8 seconds like a pro... exploiter!

Skills / Weapons Change Exploit Showtime.

    Watch the Videos carefully. To help you understand the exploit i repeated the first scene in the 1st video with half speed and i added 2 comments in transparent background with the start and the end of exploit. (the other comments are his/her comments). Also i removed any details about the trait, the gear and the character because there is an obvious exploit i want to report here with this post that is coming from the realistic implementation of the combat mode and i don't want to affect the player that uploaded the original video! But i can say that he/she is not using ...  celestial armor/weapon but berserk !

   If you think this weapon exploit is limited to engineers like this you just watched, i have bad news for you... in other characters maybe the situation is worse and more effective like the 18 stacks of might of my dragonhunter guardian before the battle starts on the video below... 

    What a great advantage to start the fight with 18 stacks of might for 8 seconds, almost 3000 power and 1000 condition damage (and not full berserk gear ) and all these... in stealth?


    Both last Videos are not hosted or listed in Youtube (even it seems) and i am using the internal blogger mechanism that it can't be shared as videos because i don't want to harm the game and i am not writing these posts to expose the exploits of gw2 but i have not other way to prove that the usage of any skill should put the character in combat mode and the realistic approach gw2 devs use for combat mode is wrong!

    Also, i have in mind more characters and situations for weapon/skill change after press the 1st skill but as i said i don't want to be the master of exploiters here but to make it clear that the realistic approach wasn't the best approach as the title says and i am sure i proved it!


    All these 3 problematic mechanisms/mechanics are created because Devs wanted to give a sense of ... Reality in game. What a great irony to try to give Realism in a Fantasy video game and end up suffering from the exploits or the broken mechanisms/mechanics. 

    Friendly Reminder now... An mmo is not an emulator to give realism Mrs or Mr Dev and all these wrong approaches hurt WvW in Guild Wars 2 because of these 3 wrong implementations*, players can't enjoy and frustrated from the game or suffering from the exploits! Be in the position of the 9 players that are waiting (STACKED AS (((THEY))) TOLD THEM) to complete their dailies in WvW...

    These 3 problematic combat mechanisms are not the last 3 mistakes. There are more and there are all part of the PvE Frankenstein problem Guild Wars 2 is suffering because of the 3 expansions but for them i will write when the weather is colder in Greece and during (((their))) lovely Dark Winter and if i still have electricity! 

* the wiki page with the changes of the rune of speed gives a detailed history what happened to this rune. enjoy it as it is still ... up

** can you imagine what advantage has someone that uses the script software from his/her mouse/keyboard driver? yes it has and devs can't do anything against them because the majority of mmo players are using mouse/keyboards with extra keys and the extra embedded software from them because most of times players can't install the drivers without the extra software!

    Of course devs can block the extra software that it comes with drivers like stupid anti-cheats S/W are doing  and players will report the issue to mouse/keyboard manufacture's forums and this is where the real "fun" begins!