The Ultimate Meta in Guild Wars 2 for 2022 in PvE and WvW is the.. Burning Skill!

After my return, i never faced a WvW roamer that he/she wasn't used burning skills.

    And not only they used almost all their burning skills, these skills did extremely high damage. The biggest number i saw was 4640+ tick damage on a power/tank warrior with more than 3400 armor and 25000 health! I am sure the old power/precision/ferocity thief is already jealous because at least these thieves were glass canons.

    The new meta condition burning just maximizing the toughness to make our power hits pointless since maximum toughness means... absorbing of power damage and enable same time the passive proc burn from anything inside the skills tree, even the click of 1 key!!! (watch the 2nd video below to understand what i mean).


    I started writing this post (with different title) at 28 February of 2022 but i didn't want to finish it because for problems like these as old gamer i know developers already know them and they have a "plan" to "fix the hole" but i was mistaken. Now exactly one month later and after EoD expansion nothing changed.

    Also i played with my warrior a night by adding a longbow in the place of hammer to see what they did with burning skill and as you can see on the highlight of this night, everything went... great! And i just picked a condition damage longbow from my inventory and i changed the tree to proc key 1 burning! I didn't searched anything more for the meta of the conditions warrior builds!


    I have images and video from WvW with 3 condition/burning guardians + 1 support guardian bullying 15+ gamers in WvW and make them stay behind the walls and instant killing anyone that fought out of the walls PRIME TIME IN HBL but i will not post them because i don't want Aurora Glade's players feel bad for their performance because it wasn't their fault.  It is 100% Anet's developers mistake, period! 




    If you think i want to bring drama for another one time in Guild Wars 2 history, watch the video that uploaded 2 days ago and see the Burning Guardian Soloing Legendary Bosses*. The video starts exactly like it should start!


    Something became very wrong with Guild Wars 2 skills with these 39 burning stacks and the sooner we talk about these problems the better will be for the game because right now as i said in the sticky post of this site... WvW is not Dead (Anet's Developer's words), it's Half Dead (my words) because they have less population by merging 2 full servers in WvW!

   Almost all the WvW problems are coming from PVE* and sooner Anet, their Developers and the blind wvw gamers realized the PvE problems the better will be for WvW too!

    In conclusion i have a Full list of changes for PvE, WvW  that can make both PvE & WvW game modes much better than now but i want to see a sign from Anet that wants to deal with these situations! Something, anything even they will bring back the ...




* 39 burning stacks? W T F IS GOING ON IN DEV'S HOUSE? What happened the maximum 25 stacks on conditions?


P.S. if you have read until this line kudos to you.I am going deeper now.

 The build that used in the guardian video is this: Willbender Ultimate Burning Guardian

enjoy it until whatever correction developers bring on this, BUT... the situation i described at the start of the post was before EoD expansion!

    That means Willbender profession has nothing to do with the OP of Burning skill and i can easy say that celestial just give overall good stats not the ARMOR that will resist or adsorbs power damage as you can read on the build. 2910 armor is not a tank!

    Trailblazer maybe is better for condition guardian because the anomaly comes from the combination of high expertise and Balthazar runes= +50% more burning duration if developers made addition and they have not made any mistake how they calculate the +10%, +20% and +20% burning duration from 2,4 and 6 runes + boon duration from sigils (+77% resolution) and the healing skill from Bow of Truth!

Update: 28-3-2022 evening test on Aurora Glade Home Borderland with a Firebrand Variant of the above burning build, 

Everything not just burned, it melted in my pass until i faced a serious roamer  (i will investigate today what happened because the gravity well hit me... 2 times in a row ( not pulses )) and punished me for no adding a immobilize counter on that build... but, Anet add soft caps on burning stacks please, it is not right!