One hour video gameplay from the last day of Guild Alliances Beta Week aka Edge of the Mist 2022 WvW version.

 There is nothing more realistic of what really was the Guild Alliances Beta Week than one hour video of pure gameplay as PUG GW2 player during the last day of beta week.

    I will not say more on this post than what i already wrote on the description of the video. Guild Alliances Beta Week was not WvW with the strict meaning of the term. It was like Edge of the Mists on WvW Maps and only 1 important change can make this idea for guild alliances work well for the future of WvW and maybe bring back old WvW players or make people that are playing now WvW, stop playing this game mode and maybe GW2!

    And this change is about the EBG Map (Eternal's Battleground). EBG map should never have been included on Guild Alliances and i will explain in a future post why.

EBG Map should remain Server's Map aka World's Map.

    Now enjoy one hour from the last day of Guild Alliances Beta Week with my old school engineer build (it's not for roaming now) and it is exactly what you will see in the future if devs keep this guild alliances system as it was during beta week . The record time of the livestream was August-18, 2022 . 20:30 - 21:45 prime time for Greece (GMT+3 for Europe ).

    Since the video is highlight of a livestream, it will remain there for anyone want to watch. If it removed, i have it and i will re-upload it in other host.

    Also i want to apologize that i had forgot to disable mute background sound and i disabled it 15 minutes before the end of the livestream... sorry for that.