Arenanet Developers removed the support to all windows 7 Guild Wars 2 players, 6 months earlier than Steam.

Also, Arenanet with the 18 July 2023 Patch became more Microsoft than Microsoft who is still releasing security updates for windows 7 PC on ESU program!

    When a professional is acting childish and foolish you see the results of his actions on what the customers say about him and Microsoft acts like a professional when they are releasing security updates for windows 7 on ESU program computers and Arenanet is acting like a More-Microsoft or I better say a Micro-Microsoft by removing a good product like usecoherent.exe was (and an in-house software too for a decade!) to adopt a bad product like CefHost.exe is and you can find the proof of why it is bad on my previous post and the official forums with the complaints from the problems CefHost.exe created to all Guild Wars 2 gamers so far.


     The results of this behavior reflected on NCSoft's earnings... and now we are after Q2 2023 earnings and these are the NcSoft's earnings releases for the last year!


Image from NCSoft 2Q 2023 Earnings pdf Release.

    What we see on the image above reflects exactly the results of a bad management and Guild Wars 2 suffers for long time from a bad management and this steady decline from the last year results, imo it is too little for this bad management. I predict the Q3 2023 will be way worse than this decline for the obvious reason.


Windows 7 players are not playing Guild Wars 2 anymore after 18 july 2023...


    And the biggest irony of all is that Guild Wars 2 released on Steam one year ago and with what they did they blocked Windows 7 Guild Wars 2 players on Steam too and 6 months earlier than Steam!!!

    I am gamer, an old gamer (middle aged too) and computer professional and i have managed in my life hundreds and thousands of computers (same time...) and on very big windows networks (Active Directory) and i am very sad too about the path Guild Wars 2 is following now because i can't play the game with my windows 7 PC while an Apple or a Linux gamer can, even the game released first and it still says on the minimum requirements page that Guild Wars 2 is a windows 7 game.


These are still the minimum specifications to play Guild Wars 2 as of 19-8-2023. Press the image to see them by yourself!

And now, Mark my words...


    Guild Wars 2 will be the 1st game NcSoft will stop its support as game under the pressure of the economical crisis is coming with lighting speed because it is the only one game from the 6 you saw on the 1st image (and 6th on the line😘) that it is not from Korea (NCSoft is a company from South Korea) and also Guild Wars 2 is suffering from a management that enjoys interfering with their customers on official forums and in-game for over a decade.

   How can i prove that Guild Wars 2 is suffering from this type of management the last decade?

    Very easy task because the evidences are online and they just need someone to collect them in one place and point them.

    1. WvW is the only online gamemode and maybe Guild Wars 2 as a game too with so many uploaded videos on youtube with the company's logo aka Arenanet tag on interfering with WvW players without their approval. These are the youtube links for the still available videos, maybe i miss some and i excluded more ... [  , , ,  , ,  , , ,] , but i will upload on this blog only the first video and the forum links where you can read the promises they gave that they will stop interfering with the gamers on WvW before 10 years. Also gw2 is the only game and WvW as gamemode in which a gaming company literally interfering with players so much and so openly. It is like they did it in purpose. It is very unprofessional behavior imo and 

     2. This behavior cost a forum wipe so far (12 Sept 2017) and this is the link of the old WvW forum with the 1st Arenanet appearance with the Arenanet Tag on WvW before 10 years.

This is the 1st page of the video below. The first post has also the images if you want to download them from imgur.

and this is the 28th page with the last post and lock. the real number of pages and posts was much bigger. Only these 28 pages survived 😎

you can watch the whole video in HD here (at first it published, then it went private, now it is unlisted) and below the scene with the Arenanet employee in 1270x720 resolution. Watch by yourself what he said before 10 years when he tried to stop a GvG.



   As you can understand so far the last year's earnings results from this management and behavior were very... predictable! Should i say more? 


   No i will not say more about gw2, even i have more and very salty with evidences too to say and i will stop here because i like to keep some "papers" secret and everything you saw on this post or the previous are already public and i want to close the gw2 chapter in my life with smile (as a well known Aurora Glade's commander always says) and with a meme...

    Windows 7 players have already steam to sue and refund games... Arenanet, do you want to join the "club"? what club ? THE REAL WINDOWS 7 FIGHT CLUB 😂!👇!😂!

The Windows 7 Fight Club meme.