Usecoherent and dx9 solution for all the pro Guild Wars 2 Windows 7 players.

 There are the good solutions and the Best solutions in Life and with this GW2 guide you will learn the best solution for all the technical problems Arenanet brings to Guild Wars 2 Windows 7 players.

    Before you learn what is the ultimate solution to the technical problems NcSoft/Arenanet and their super inteligence developers are creating to windows 7 gw2 players let's start by answering the obvious technical question about WIndows 7.

    Question: Does the Windows 7 as an operating system is obsolete and a security risk? (btw, i love this BS, when i see someone is using the security risk as an argument i know he/she is a stupic gadget nerd and probable a trol and i instant block him if the platform allows me to do it, like it happened on steam forums where they announced they are stopping the windows 7 support on 1-1-2024)

    Answer: Windows 7 is not obsolete yet, it is still taking security updates. All Windows 7 machines that are on ESU program are still taking security updates. Who has these Windows 7 ESU OSes is not Arenanet's or NcSoft's Developers business! Also, any Operating System can be security risk if the Admin of it is an idiot and he/she is not protecting it.

    Since i opened the security box i need to say now that the enforced updates are taking windows 10 - 11 users is the BIGGEST SECURITY THREAT of all time in Computer History.

    When all the windows 10 - 11 take the evil update and all the windows 10 - 11 computers get infected in only one day by the enforced updates and lost the access to their documents, you will all understand why the enforced updates are something bad and not something good for security and it's matter of time to happen in purpose or by... mistake.

    And now the answer on the troll argument that coherentUI.exe is not taking updates and it suddenly became a security risk. With a fewer words these people are telling us that ANY SOFTWARE IS NOT TAKING UPDATES IS A SECURITY THREAT...

    Let's take as an hypothetical fact that the coherentUI.exe of the previous image was unsafe and security risk for users, then why nobody hacked while he/she was playing gw2 the last 10 years? 


    Nobody will answer this question because the decision to stop the coherent support was never about the security. The reason or reasons are obvious and it has to do with the crew that is running the gw2 game now and it is the same crew that wants to destroy WvW with Guild Alliances, they created EOD, a bad expansion which i am very glad that i didn't buy it and it's the same crew that removed coherent support from the client to block the windows 7 gw2 players the same month Microsoft released a security patch for the Windows 7 ESU computers. Btw, watch the video below and you will understand why EOD was a bad expansion!

    As for the CefHost.exe Guild Wars 2 client is using now (image from today's virustotal behavior below) i really have no words to describe it. CefHost.exe is doing dns requests out of the arenanet / ncsoft ip range and it is clear that there is something very fishy and suspicious behind this executable. if you want to read more click here to read what a visual studio developer says about the calls to
 Also, CefHost.exe acts like a keylogger if it is collecting credentials and i can't find a good reason for that behavior only evil reasons. Crendetials Anet Dev? Seriously?
    The Greatest irony of all is that after 10 years of GW2 history, GW2 is not available to Windows 7 players anymore even Guild Wars 2 launched as a Windows 7 game and Windows 7 is still the minimum requirements for Guild Wars 2 (THE IMAGE BELOW IS A 25-7-2023 SCREENSHOT LOL)!
MInimum Requirements for Guild Wars 2 is still.... Windows 7!

OK  enough with the dirty words for their dirty actions, it's time for the best solution for windows 7 players!

Solution for the missing -usecoherent and -dx9 support of Guild Wars 2 client for Windows 7 players and generally for all gw 2 players!

     Open Control Panel (WinKey + R or cmd and type control), go to Programs and click on Unistall a Program and search for Guild Wars 2 and UNINSTALL IT and if you still don't know how to unistall games this is the step by step guide how to uninstall a program with images for a... windows 7 Computer :p

    Friendly Reminder to all friends special those who bought recently the expansions. If they don't want you to play their game, you shouldn't for 1000 more reasons and many more games to play!

p.s. Since GW2 launched as a windows 7 game and the usage of CefHost.exe is a security risk and blocks the access to a paid service (gw2 as game is a paid service) to a windows 7 player as you saw on this article for no reason the option for lawsuits against NCSOFT/ARENANET and their friends on STEAM  is still on the table (one of the many...) because they are all doing exactly the same by removing the access to this service (the gw2 as game) and as it was when it launched for the 1st time!
Friendly advice now,  try to be smarter next time when you ask me to be evil in game, maybe it happens... IRL!