During 2022 WvW Roamers are still Blaming the Armor Stats instead of... Skills and Traits!

Can You Stop Blaming Celestial Armor for "Condition Gods" in WvW Roaming please. Trailblazer Armor is Much Better!

    After EoD i saw a lot of posts in the WvW section of GW2 Official forums about how much OP is the Celestial Armor. This is happening because many roamers think that the better overall celestial stats will make ANY build magically GOD-LIKE and because people are too lazy to use the available to them online tools to check if the build that ... someone posted online is the best option they have.


    Ofc i am not saying that people are lying but i will prove that specially for "Condition Gods" in WvW roaming celestial is not the best option. Not only is not the best option,  for Condition Builds is the True False God!

   Lets create a celestial build for our test for a WillBender Guardian, the new Anet's tank "thief" with Aegis!

 With Celestial Armor: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWgAw+GBA-zxIY1ohPEcuEhZD8aewzG-e


With Trailblazer Armor: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWgAw+GBA-zRJYkRDfI4cJCzG418gnNA-e

    I didn't filled the skills and specializations tabs because this post is not about a "Condition God" Build but to find where is the Truth and where is the Lie about Celestial Armors that blamed so much from GW2 players on official forums!


    What we see in these two builds? 

Condition Damage:

The Celestial Armor gives 865 Condition Damage and Trailblazer Armor gives 1415 Condition Damage.


The Celestial Armor gives 2980 Armor and Trailblazer Armor gives 3514 Armor.


    Tell me please if you still think that 865 Condition Damage and 2980 Armor are stats for a "Condition God" roamer? Ofc not and if you try to kill anyone with this Condition Damage and your old build, you will be failed and hard too!

    And How all these roamers during 2022 after EoD in WvW and PvE are killing everything in their way with Celestial Armor? Because the "Condition God" is coming from the combination of good stats and OP skills of the new professions. Willbender's Ninja skills and traits are OP for a class that is a Tank like a Guardian. All these are the problem not the Celestial Armor!


If you haven't read and watch the Video of the Guardian Soloing Legendary Bosses in PvE watch it now. You will learn some things for what is really matter for your GW2 fights! It's exactly the same logic and i will not write it. Players with brain can understand what the above image shows.

    Also, i was thinking the same for Celestial Armor as firebrand until i fought the next super "Condition God" WvW Roaming Profession after EoD (a mechanist) that out-healed my damage! for example ... (build: http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAkqlxy8YwMXWMWsTfRdA-zVJYkRDfZ0bBESC4+sYmZF-w)

Taken from the above video description ...


    Thank everyone whoever upvote(and downvote) on previous uploaded my mechanist video.
That cele mech build was hard to kill opponent player because of over-defensive, poor damage output.

    This build makes mech more powerful and myself more condi damage with large amount of regeneration, instead of dropping some condi cleanse.
Thanks to maximizing synergy with Tranquilizer Dart(Elixir Gun AA) using Rune of the Aristocracy and Sanguine Array, I can stack up might boon easily.

    "OK, Where does sustain comes from?" - Good question. It comes from these: Rectifier Signet + Backpack Regenerator + Food + Compounding Chemicals + Super Elixir(Elixir Gun 5).
Combined these into one, you'll get around 900 health per second.