Ten years later and Anet's base reward for leveling up to 80 level a new character or new account is still the Exotic Gear!

This is another one proof how bad Anet is dealing with Guild Wars 2 player-base, during time!

    Ten years have passed and after 3 expansions and many changes the most unique and for many people like me beloved game-mode of Guild Wars 2 that is the WvW and the WvW Roaming became forbidden for the new players. If you missed what is happening now in WvW Roaming read this post and good luck if you think you have any chance to play against full ascended / legendary enemies with your basic Exotic Rewarded basic weapon / armor and food as a new level 80 WvW player.
    The Aging of Games follows the Aging rules of life and even Anet don't want it, Guild Wars 2 is an old game now.
    There is not a single one guild wars 2 player that think the opposite, expect of course the lunatics* of Anet's marketing department that think they can still sell every expansion separately and someone will give the money or the gems to buy for example EoD and not PoF/HoT!

Is Anet's Market Department so Bad?

        Simple Answer: Yes, they are and if i still haven't convinced you with the basic Exotic Reward Gear for the new players or characters example that the Anet's Market Department is another one guild wars 2 problem let me bring another one example and i am sure now you will understand what i am saying here. 
    Two type of gw2 players. A new and an old gw2 player (i have many friends in this category and recently we had a nice talk about this problem. Just think that. What i am writing here is the less edgy 😂). 
  1.  New GW2 player during 2022, buys the game and spends ~ $50 for the collection and takes all the 3 expansions.
  2.  Old GW2 player that bought with $50 the game before 10 years and the 2 expansions with ~ $29 before 1 year, needs to spend  ~ + $29 for the last expansion, EoD . All these are ~ +$60 in the last year!

    So,after EoD expansion, a 2022 gw2 player have spend ~ $50 and the old gw2 player  ~ $60 or better say ~ $110** to play the full version of the guild wars 2 after 10 years! 


If you still can't see the Big Picture , let me draw it for you...


A small correction to the above meme that created from what the players see when they press the buy link on official site. I just checked my email and i saw that the price for gw2 was €54.99 before 10 years!

    (This example above is the Anet's Big Thank You to all old players that still playing their game..)
    Ofc, New players are not stupid to think that they won something when they see Anet dealing this way the old gw2 players. Today New, tomorrow Old. This is the rule and players know that tomorrow Anet will deal them the same way. And the exotic reward that hasn't changed the last 10 years that i mentioned at the beginning is another one proof for the new players to remind them what is coming for them...

In conclusion... Anet, Good luck on finding new players to play your Frankenstein PvE, on Unfair WvW Matchups (read here too) and WvW Roaming with exotic gear ten years after release of Guild Wars 2. Anet, you should better start thinking and asap too, what to do to make the old WvW players return because the only way WvW to be saved is to make the old GW2 WvW Players Return***!


*Yes i know the name lunatics for Anet's Market Department is a bad name, but let me ask you how to call them, when they have each Expansion 29,9 € and not 19,9 € to make this meme invalid and sell the collection of 3 gw2 expansions 49,9 € and remain same and better price for all together? Brilliant? LoL good luck on finding better name.
** if someone never stopped the game has already spent ~ $29 for each expansion that makes ~ $50+ (3x29) ~= $140 and not just $110!

*** and with a system that they will connect the necessary PvE progress with WvW progress. This way players that love PvE will stay in PvE and players that love WvW will make the necessary PvE achievements only inside WvW game-mode ...