Everything in WvW is about Night Coverage, and Anet holds this key from the first moment of Guild Wars 2 History!

Friendly Reminder to Anet Devs, WvW is your Game-mode not your Game. WvW is our Game and we want a fair and funny Game-Mode to play our Game!

    Everything Anet is doing in WvW from the start of guild wars 2 history before 10 years is to interfere in WvW players's game like WvW is Anet's game. No, Anet. WvW or PvP or even PvE is not your game. All these 3 Game-modes are OUR GAME and inside these 3 game-modes that we play we will judge them as... Game-modes not as Games!
    Anet, the main responsibility for you for these 3 Game-modes is to make them better than the past and not worse!
    This week i didn't play a single hour in WvW for Aurora Glade because i didn't want to make things worse for our enemies and i know many WvW players did the same because we have a feeling Anet is trying to fix WvW's main problem that is the Night Coverage with... Tricks!
    I am sure now Anet wants to make WvW better but they are trying with the wrong way. You can't Anet make people that hate WvW stay in WvW for hours (they will do their daily achievements and they will leave) and you can't force WvW players doing again and again the same story for each account they have. 
    OMG, Anet i start hating myself that came back to Guild Wars 2 when i realized that for each character i have i should repeat the 3 and 4 living story (that have no escaped dialogs) to unlock the new areas. I have 7 characters and i am on the 2nd character and i realized it now after 7 months. For this reason i haven't and i don't want to buy the EoD expansion, or buy a new character slot that i wanted before 7 months because i don't want to repeat the unlocking procedure again. It should be account bound the unlock of an area and not character bound like it is now.

    This situation stress me and it looks like a PvE Frankenstein to me where each area have their own people but i will speak for this PvE Monster in a future article because it is not the only one problem in PvE and now i want make some WvW facts clear to Anet's Devs (new or old).

    First of all i will say that WvW players never forget (the creation of this site with 9 years old materials speaks volume)* but some of us forgive because we are not destroyers and even Anet is trying to destroy WvW with experiments we will not help them or support them on this way. This Week Anet wanted to give a "Fair Play" to Aurora Glade and its ally and they macth-up Us (Aurora Glade + Jade Sea) against 2 European Single Servers and not against 2 single Ethnic Servers like before 4 weeks (read more: here) and the result is (even some of us don't play at nights like i do for months), Aurora Glade is winning this matchup for 2 reasons.
  1. Both enemy servers even they are full are not Ethnic Servers to play for their Real Flag/Language.
  2. The WvW Coverage = WvW dedicated players population and it has nothing to do with the population of players in any Server. Both enemies this week are Full Servers!

This match-up is another proof that better Coverage with more WvW players win against Full Servers.

    After these 2 facts that WvW dedicated players know but it seems Anet forgot (i can't find other explanation) i need to ask from Anet to match-up the best 2 teams of European Servers against Baruch Bay and record the result. I bet Baruch Bay will easily win all European Servers like they are winning this week the two strongest Ethnic Servers since they are the only Server with Official Spanish Language that is the majority now in the whole American Continent and this is why Baruch Bay has the strongest Night Coverage of all Servers in EU match-ups.

Baruch Bay wins in EU matchups because of the other side of the Atlantic support at Nights! Period.
    Conclusions now. We heard and read a lot of promises about Guild Alliances but all of these promises will send Guild Wars 2 to an uncharted territory, because the core element of Guild Wars 2 as game and WvW as Game-Mode is not the Guilds like many thing because of the name of the game but...  the Servers!
    One thing wins every WvW match-up. The Night Coverage!

    * We never forgot the times we saw you Anet in WvW with the Anet Tag On.. Let me remind you this Situation here (i have the video but since it is private now i will not upload it here) on official forums that closed after 4 days and after 28 pages of posts. Interfering with a GvG with Anet Tag On was mistake, because it wasn't your business the GvG in WvW. GvG is, was and always shall be Our Business (Server's player Business), even some of WvW gamers are.. Anet Employee (like him/her on these photos). If players are doing something wrong you are updating the WvW rules and you punish people if they break the Rules and any conversation about GvG stops here because even i never used this name yet, WvW before 10 years advertised to PvP guilds to other mmos as a Sandbox feature. Rules and Sandbox have nothing in common.
    Do you understand now why i used this title dear Anet WvW Dev? Yes, now you know and if you still can't understand it is your problem, not my or our problem because there are many games out there now to spend our free time. Don't ever forget this!