WvW game-mode in Guild Wars 2 is a 24/7 Siege System and unique in gaming history.

Actually, WvW is the PvP Sandbox extension of Guild Wars 2 PvE game-mode, but it isn't PvE, it's a War simulation!

        I started with these 2 statements the 1st article of this Guild Wars 2 personal fan-site because i want our readers and Aurora Glade WvW players know the basics of WvW. This site will be a personal site and even it starts dedicated as a GW2 site, maybe it expanded to other games, but at the start it is willing to support and promote GW2 and my Server in WvW , Aurora Glade. This is the reason that i created the [MAGG] guild in-game and i want this guild will be a Guild Alliance that will connect the past, the present and the future of Aurora Glade. 

        [MAGG] guild created as a WvW guild in-game after a forum post at the official GW2 forums and as a Promotion fan-site for Aurora Glade (Aurora Glade had dropped to 23 position of 27 when i created it) but the main reason i created it is only one. I want to see Aurora Glade at the Top of the Leaderboards.

        I have heard a lot of stories of what happened between 2016-2021 when i had stopped gw2 but all these stories should remain where they belong. They belong to the past and the future of Aurora Glade in WvW needs to leave them behind.

   Why? Because Aurora's Glade, like all the not ethnocentric European's Servers, problem in a 24/7 Siege System was always only one. 


    If you don't believe me, see my pm report to a well known (who is still playing gw2 as i saw ) Aurora Glade's Open Tag Commander who was playing to a different Map as a scout for AG garrison some moments before losing Garrison at ... 

Thursday, ‎June ‎27, ‎2013, ‏‎01:26:20.  This image taken 9 years ago folks!!!

Aurora Glade Server ‎Thursday, ‎June ‎27, ‎2013, ‏‎01:26:20

    AM (Abaddon's Mouth) had a blob at that night one day before Friday's reset 9 years ago and we were 4 people against them in Aurora Glade home Borderland (HBL) and exactly the same happened this week when Aurora Glade was in the same matchup against AM, (history repeated lol).

    So, if someone says that Aurora Glade has bad players now, show him/her this image and tell them to read the ... chat!

    Also, now it is the best moment for me to admit that as a scout for AG i was wrong to create unnecessary bad feelings to AG WvW players writing that we lost Garrison because this is exactly how it was and still is designed the game.

    The only thought WvW players (scouters or from wvw guilds) should do after losing Keeps or Towers is how in the next 5 minutes (until the Lord's Buff expiration) they will take them back, if they want to continue playing because there is always the logoff option or change game-mode if they feel stressed from the loss. Remember, the next day is a new day and nobody will win something if he/she creates bad feelings for something that is working exactly as it should to his/her server WvW players!


    So my words should be:"Let's take Garrison back". In a 24/7 Siege System, situations like these in the picture above happen all the time and trust me, this is for the good of the game. Think, Keeps and Towers never flip! A supertoxic static situation where people are boring to play because nothing is changing! Only the good fights matter and finally all remember. 

    Fights like this one in the picture below when Aurora Glade with [DAWN] guild and a dozen of AG WvW gamers (you see how many we were in the mini-map ) like me, my friend Silentkrius in the party and Adda, we attacked AM HBL Keep at prime time around 20:00 - 21:00 GMT +2  and after... 4+ Hours of continuously PVP this almost not 30 men we took AM Keep against the whole AM Server defending it!

Aurora Glade conquered AM Keep prime time.Attack started around 20:00 - 21:00 and ended at 00:50:30(timestamp of the picture). Thursday, ‎September ‎19, ‎2013.

    This is the first post of this site and i took the opportunity to write that maybe WvW in Aurora Glade gave me a lot of different feelings but i feel proud as part of this server that never left and i want to make clear from the start of [MAGG] guild / alliance / site/ whatever in-game and out of  game, this personal site: tsekouri.com, the guild site: [MAGG] (that are actually: https://tsekouritv.blogspot.com/ and  https://makeauroragladegreat.blogspot.com/ *), and  the [MAGG] guild / alliance (whatever Anet brings with Alliances) in-game have all*** only one mission**. 

How to ...
Make Aurora Glade Great Again,

and nothing else!

* i created the sites under the blogspot system to make it last as long as it can, at least as long as... my google account ;)

** i will explain how in a future post

*** not only these 3 XD