Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 Online Gaming Survive Kit for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 and Forever!

"Friendly" Reminder Gaming Industry. Gamers are not dependent on Gaming industry, Gaming Industry is dependent on Gamers!      As a WvW GW2 veteran gamer with thousands of hours inside the WvW Mist Maps and as a volunteer WvW trainer and helper on WvW tactics that helped the first pure pug WvW guild for Aurora Glade with the prototype name ...  [PUG] that had an IRL female Human Being as Leader (you can watch us on the last video of this page👇) i have all the necessary info to predict the future of  Windows online gaming and the gaming on PC in General... Read until the end to learn it!       When Windows Developers of Arenanet on July of 2023, of EA this month and of Steam on the next month will restrict as they already announced the access το Windows 7, 8 gamers with older Hardware (10 years old PC with  Windows 7 that plays gw2 like a charm) for unknown technical reasons to gamers a huge wave of misery mixed with rage and backlash is coming to hit the gaming industry.

How to install the last GOG and Epic launchers on a Windows 7, 8 PC to continue playing your Games after 2024!

Arenanet Developers removed the support to all windows 7 Guild Wars 2 players, 6 months earlier than Steam.

Usecoherent and dx9 solution for all the pro Guild Wars 2 Windows 7 players.

Stonemist's Weekly Achievement and Its Increased Defending Rewards are the Reasons for the Massive EBG Queues during Weekend and they Must Adjusted Asap!

The W inside WvW or WvWvW means World aka Server and if this ever change, it will be the end of WvW as game mode.

Friendly Garrisons in Home Bordelands and Eternal Battlegrounds should always have waypoints for the defenders and the No Friendly Garrisons never. Stonemist Castle should never have waypoint.