Mixed Servers in WvW. This is not what we asked before 9 years in official Guild Wars 2 forums!

The Current WvW System in GW2 doesn't solve Eu's Servers main problem in WvW, only Anet's problems!      Before almost 9 years i started writing to official forums about the main problem of the European Servers that we always had (read more... here ).            The Night Coverage .       The time passed, the old forums purged and many threads disappeared (i found only 1 page of my posts still up) and the  Night Coverage problem in WvW became WvW coverage for Anet after the two major expansions (2015 & 2016) that made the guild cost too heavy for dedicated WvW pvp oriented guilds and many of them stopped playing the game.      Someone that knows nothing about games and gamers will ask....       Why dedicated WvW guilds stopped after HoT expansion since Anet implemented a better guild system for them?

Stonemist's Weekly Achievement and Its Increased Defending Rewards are the Reasons for the Massive EBG Queues during Weekend and they Must Adjusted Asap!

The W inside WvW or WvWvW means World aka Server and if this ever change, it will be the end of WvW as game mode.

Friendly Garrisons in Home Bordelands and Eternal Battlegrounds should always have waypoints for the defenders and the No Friendly Garrisons never. Stonemist Castle should never have waypoint.

One hour video gameplay from the last day of Guild Alliances Beta Week aka Edge of the Mist 2022 WvW version.

There are 3 basic Mechanisms that affected from the combat mode of WvW in Guild Wars 2 but, their realistic implementations in WvW aren't the best approach!

New professions and features made every old tactic in WvW impossible. If new professions skills and new WvW features are not addressed, we will never have fun in WvW again.

After 3 Expansions Guild Wars 2 is Suffering from the PvE Frankenstein Syndrome. And unfortunately, after each expansion this disease is becoming worse!