TsekouriTV is decoding the announces for the upcoming Guild Alliances in WvW from Anet.

 I Keep small "Basket" when i hear many promises. You?

     Ok , let's dive fast into the Sources of early infos about Alliances in Guild Wars 2 first and later i will decode them for you:

But Wiki site is still up... and here is the transcript from the video.
  1. Alliance beta will not align with elite specs betas
  2. No plans for siege turtle to be in WvW
  3. First fix population balance then adding new rewards, giving guilds reasons to be guilds or in an alliance which will in urn incentivize winning because if matchups are balanced and you get better rewards, it will naturally make people care. (I'm paraphrasing)
  4. Once we've reached the point where we have more balanced worlds and given a reason to win, then we can look at core systems (this was in response to ppt being boring and Grouch agreeing)
  5. Alliances = no transfers, your WvW guild is what determines your server. This was in response to someone asking how will they stop bandwagoning if you can still transfer post alliances. Solo players will be able to choose but it will still have metrics to lock worlds.
  6. 3 factors for a world: 1) Un-guilded players or those who didn't choose a WvW guild. 2) Guilded players. 3) Alliances.
  7. The 1) un-guilded part of the world has a limited amount of solo players that can join the world as a way to stop people from controlling the limits by simply having people not associate with guilds and transfer to a good world. He said this will update dynamically.
  8. Matchmaking will still be 1 up 1 down but every time a matchup ends, worlds will be remade based on activity.
  9. First roll-outs for alliance will have basic data used for making worlds like "your guild size and activity of your guild" which would create a score for matchmaking but with time they will add more data like skill of your guild, alliance, coverage, etc
  10. First roll-outs will focus on week long matchups to test the algorithm system but in the future they can play with how long matchups are.
  11. Big alliances will have priority in how they make worlds to balance them out so if they have an alliance of like 2 guilds of 10 players each, those will be picked by the system after having set up the big alliances first
  12. Memes about WvW being dead are just memes, WvW actually has one of the most healthy population numbers in the game.
  13. Not saying that's what they're doing <emphasis from Grouch, but the idea of a wheel for quick comms (like in apex per example) is something that could help bridge the gap between players who don't want to join voice comms and commanders being able to control it's zerg
  14. Alliances timeframe is not tied to the expansion because they don't know how much issues they'll encounter and how much will need to be done for it to be completed so they're keeping it separate from EoD release for now.
  15. They are focusing on fixing the foundations of WvW before adding new things or working on low priority fixes. big changes first.
  16. They're aware that support players get diminished rewards (he's a scrapper main so he knows)
  17. He's aware of the EotM arena instancing issues, don't really have anything to say on it besides that though - he would personally prefer fixing guild hall arenas because that was their intentional purpose but it didn't end up working that way.
  18. Team of engineers working on WvW, rest is working on EoD
  19. Want more balance more often (doesn't like the big patch once a year)
               That says... 500 Player limit per alliance.

    I am starting the "decoding" procedure with the last info. 500 ppls limit the Guilds, 500 ppls the Alliances.

    Ok, we all just learned the limit of any instanced map now in GW2 :p. 500 ppls at least for WvW maps. This is not a small number for those that know about DevOps and SysAdmin, but for the people that don't know how things work behind the scenes in Games sounds wrong and logically wrong. Because they think, you can't have a guild and an alliance of guilds sharing the same number of ppls. Anet just fall to this logically paradox because it tries to solve the problem of population in WvW based on the S/W and H/W limitations without solving the problem that led the dedicated WvW Guilds to leave!

    The main problem for the dedicated WvW guilds was and remain the ... ingame economy and after HoT became a big unresolved problem for them since they don't do PvE like the Mixed guilds. Like these ex Aurora Glade guilds that left us and we knew that they had a strong PvE team inside their WvW guild and this is why i see them still login and better not name them!

A meme from TsekouriTV for WvW Guilds. After HoT expansion, materials prices skyrocketed for months and guild upgrade became economical problem for them!

    I haven't watch the video (and now it isn't available) but when the scouters named un-guilded in both videos and site's posts and not Server's players a bad feeling overwhelms me as someone that played mostly for a no WvW oriented guild and as roamer and scout for Aurora Glade. 

    I don't know how and what Anet has in mind to do with WvW but i hope they don't kill it with these big changes and big alliances that have the priority (15 & 11). 

    And something for the (12). Ofc it is not Dead the WvW now, it is half dead since they merged 2 servers in one to have the same population as before by putting the second server under the flag of the first!

    These was my edgy comments for what they want to do and i have a feeling that will not come something that will help WvW because they are trying to mix S/W Instancing in H/W servers with Guilds and not with Servers and maybe this is something that the current WvW guilds want but trust me WvW without roamers and scouters (their un-guilded players) in Maps will not be the same experience for WvW guilds too!

    Also everyone is acting like they don't know what is the new members pool for WvW Guilds? Where are you finding your guild members? From coffee shop? I don't think so. If not the Server's players stop the advertising in map chat, please ;).

    The un-guilded players are playing for their Server Anet and WvW Guilds and not for their Guilds first and they will report and do S H I T   N O T H I N G other than their dailies if they log to the WvW map if throw them under the "WvW Guild train"!

    Trust me, i know what i am saying here and maybe more than your new... WvW Devs who finds everything is ok, the servers full and say absolutely nothing about the reasons the dedicated WvW guilds forced to leave after HoT expansion!

    But, enough with words. Today is Friday and Reset Day for WvW. Let's see what enemies Aurora Glade has this week and i hope we are not below of another Server.😏

Happy WvWeekend all!

    p.s. Also, If anybody thinks that i created this site to write what Anet's devs want.. he/she will be disappointed very soon. Friendly reminder my main character's name means Axe in Greeks and my love for WvW and the guild wars 2 as game has nothing to do with Anet or their Devs. They are totally different things, exactly like my ban in their official WvW forums. A total different thing 😜