Guild Wars' 2 WvW main problems after 2015 are the... PvE's problems!

 And the End Of Dragon expansion doesn't solve a single one problem of PvE that affects WvW players!

    I returned to Guild Wars 2 before 5+ months and after purchased Path of Fire and Heart of Thorns expansion i still don't have succeeded to master my mesmer's character Path Of Fire skills for mirage. Someone will say:"we don't care for your PvE problems dude, speak about WvW". Anybody says that is wrong because PvE and WvW were always connected and now more than ever before!


What is WvW?


WvW is a PvP extension of Guild Wars 2 PvE and much more...


Why WvW is a PvP extension of Guild Wars 2 PvE and much more?


  1. WvW level : based on PvE level
  2. WvW weapon: same with PvE weapon (WvW vendors sell weapons that can be used to PvE too)
  3. WvW armor: same with PvE armor (WvW vendors sell armor that can be used to PvE too)
  4. WvW runes: same with PvE runes (they can used in PvE too)
  5. WvW sigils: based with PvE sigils (they can used in PvE too)
  6. WvW builds: same tab with your PvE builds 
  7. WvW legendary Gear: Same With PvE and Depended From WvW Progress Now!

 Should i write more? Rhetoric Question....

     So, After i made clear to all that WvW is full connected with PvE let's express my PvE problems that affect my WvW as well.

    My Mesmer is the second character that i am trying to earn the new skills from the PoF expansion and the last 2 weeks i have stuck to this BS.  The reason is that i have done all the Hero Points on the New Path of Fire Maps (all PoF maps report completed) and i can't find how to earn the last points to take the elite skill other than doing group pve events on these Maps.

2 more weeks bro and one day you will learn the elite skill of Mirage! 

    Someone will say that is not Anet's fault but my fault because this expansion released before 5 years and there was plenty of time to mastery the skills.

    Two Objections. 
  1.  This character is not my last character. I have other 5 characters 80 level that i need to learn their new Skills too .i know people with more than 10 different characters!
  2.  This PvE requirement affects my WvW experience and keeps me out of WvW for no reason at all.

    I searched the new expansion if solves any of these Skill Specialization problems and i found no information (update: there is a conversion mechanism from Hero Vendor but the earned skill points from Tyria is 1 while the PoF and HoT are 10 each skill point... ) but only new skill specializations for all characters that means more time spending out of WvW that is the reason i returned to the game.

    Personally, i  should do the exploration with all my rest 5 characters on the HoT and PoF maps first and when i have the mood i will jump to any farming PvE group events if i can still find people after the End of Dragon Expansion when i want to use them in WvW...

    In conclusion, i will buy End Of Dragon expansion When i master my other 5 characters skills! I am ok with the Legendary Armor or Weapon unlimited grinding and i don't care about them. I love my Phoenix Axe that cost 1 gold because it has The Ancient Greek scheme (Labrys or Cretan you can see it on my avatar) and i don't have any plans to change it soon. Also, the legendary has the Celtic scheme that is not for my taste.😏 

    p.s. In this article i tried to remain civil and to focus only to one of the WvW problems that is coming from PvE because i understand the logic behind PvE grinding for the legendary armor & weapons or fractals or the farming with group events but i really don't understand the change of the logic for the people that they don't have as priority the PvE end game but the WvW end game

    You still wonder dear Anet and your employee who are sharing bans on official WvW forums why dedicated WvW guilds have stopped playing the best 24/7 Mass PvP Siege game in gaming history after HoT and PoF expansions? You shouldn't!