Tsekouri.com is the site of an old Guild Wars 2 gamer (ofc not only this game) & streamer from Aurora Glade.

 And Tsekouri is the name of my first and more played character.

    I am writing these infos for the people that wonder why this site and twitch, youtube channels named TsekouriTV. Tsekouri means Axe in Greek Language. Also i created 2 Guilds (and their sites) in-game to help Aurora Glade. I have 2 more characters that their name is based on Tsekouri. [Tsekouri kai Fwtia] is my Warrior and [Tsekourios] my Revenant. If someone else create other characters based on Tsekouri word i am writing here is not me and if i create other character based on Tsekouri word i will update this post. These 3 characters are not my only characters in GW2 and i have until today total 7 characters. 

    I started playing Guild Wars 2 at 22/1/2013 because all my friends bought it and maybe the guild they created [CoC] was mainly a PvE guild that is desert now, WvW became my beloved game-mode where i spent most of my time in GW2 and trust me until 2016 and when i stopped it for the first time (before 6 years), i had spent thousands of hours in WvW!


‎Wednesday, ‎January ‎23, ‎2013, ‏‎03:04:42.My 1st print-screen to ask guild-mates in [CoC] about boons. lol


   All these years after 2016, i logged at least one time per year and i am sure many dedicated WvW gamers after HoT & PoF did, since the expansions created an economical intolerable environment for the dedicated to WvW guilds, but the combat (combos / synergy) mechanisms of GW2 are unique and beloved among pvp gamers. Ofc, WvW needs improvements. I can propose one that it will made GW2 WvW experience 100% better the next day. Lower other ppls particle effects and the game will be great again the exactly next moment.

    The period between 2013-2016 i was active in Aurora Glade Forums too and in all sites our people created. From the first AuroraGlade.eu and Auroraglade.com that both became AuroraGla.de and now AuroraGlade.com again that hosts 3 guilds and one historical.

    I have to finish this site and the mechanism that it will update the front-page videos and after i'll be more social in-game and i will start to be more active in WvW and to Aurora Glade's site/dis too.  This plan started months ago after my second break (and after a forum post in GW2 WvW official forums) but the problems from the 2 expansions and the need to master the new skill professions first delayed everything. I already have create an article for this "PvE Monster". Anet you will not escape from this... not this time.

    Only, these for now. Stay Tuned to tsekouri.com (i have opened the rss of the site if you are still using a browser that supports them) and my video or lives sites and more news are coming for the projects i am working to...

Make Aurora Glade Great!