DPS meters have no place in WvW! Commanders and WvW Guild Leaders should be careful of their usage!

Everything in Life has the Good and the Bad usage and WvW is the bad usage for DPS meters.

        I am sure many of the new WvW players will disagree with me. They will say that i don't know what i am saying and all these tools are helping commanders to see the dps inside their squad and to ensure that the squad members are not slacking around and they are doing the correct damage to the correct target.

     What if i say that all these meters ensure absolutely nothing other than creating an unwanted elitism and a toxic environment between gamers? I will prove my words right now with an old fashion gvg scenario.

CASE SCENARIO (that happened many times during the GW2 GvG history):

        A high dps character is doing very high damage to a Tank. The Tank resists and absorbs the damage and based on his/her healing power and his/her healers skills in party recovers it partially or all of it.

Has this High Dps character did high damage ? The Best in GvG history!
What has he/she succeeded? Absolutely Nothing!

But for the DPS meter the high DPS character did everything ok and nobody will blame this high DPS ... IDIOT!
WvW is about everything else except Meters!


        And all together will blame the thief that he couldn't succeed to kill the Mesmer or the healer of the enemy zerg because he pinned sniped by the smart enemy commander before thief kill his/her healers.

    And ofc for the DPS meter the thief is the worst player and the high level dps idiot inside the squad that he/she is trying to kill the Tank is the best player ever.

    When i stopped GW2 for first time before 6 years the GW2 api used only for the timers of camps/towers and keeps in WvW and now i see commanders streaming with these tools enabled and they are losing from other equal or smaller squads because they are mistaken to think that the high DPS  or the DPS meters ensure the Victory in a Battle.(Now you understood the above meme.)

    I have videos of them blaming online their guildies / server's ppls and the raid did actually high dps on enemies but i will not upload them because this is not their fault. Nobody told them that the outcome dps or a DPS meter never ensures the result of the fight.

    Only the Good knowledge and experience in WvW ensures a good result and not all the times. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. That's life in WvW and you should be sure the DPS meters are creating a false conviction that they ensure the Victory!

    DPS meters have place in PvE because there is a scenario of skills that Bosses/PvE events are following. This Scenario doesn't exist in WvW and nobody knows what will happen the next moment. These DPS meters are created for PvE where is common practice mmo devs to give punishment skills to Bosses when the DPS on them is low TO AVOID PVE EXPLOITS and this is why pve gear is power/ precision /ferocity and if you use it in zerg fights you will die like our poor thief of the above example.

    DPS meters have no place in WvW! WvW is not about meters at all. Where were these meters when less than 30 ppls captured the garrison against a whole server doing damage against them? Your own history Aurora Glade has taught you that only the good knowledge of your characters, the WvW tactics and the WvW practice matters in WvW and for this reason i wrote this article.

    In conclusion i repeat for another one time (Repetition is the mother of learning, XD) DPS meter are not for WvW and if you are using them, be prepared for "fights" out of the game with your guild or server members!

    p.s. A final comment about the meme. Obi Wan Kenobi won Anakin because of his experience not because of his strength and this is why i used it on this article. Learn your characters, learn the maps, learn the tactics, learn your skills and use your brain. WvW is not a battle, it's a 7 days War!