How to install the last GOG and Epic launchers on a Windows 7, 8 PC to continue playing your Games after 2024!

 Who says that the Steam, Arenanet and EA Launchers who excluded the Windows 7 PC are the only one. Epic Games and GOG launchers are still working on Windows 7, 8 Computers during 2024!

    During the end of 2023 and the start of 2024 Windows 7 Players faced a cruel exclusion from their Windows 7 Games from both Electronic Arts and Valve. That exclusion affected me hard since these 2 companies + Arenanet with guild wars 2 and their games covered my whole gaming life of the last years.
    But even these 3 companies and their Windows 7 Games was almost my whole gaming life the last years, i am not a new gamer and i have many games to play on Epic Games Store even i wasn't playing them lately and many others old games to play on a LAN on the internet with my friends ONLINE with the help of Zerotier VPN and OpenSpy Network as you can read on the link and as you can see on the image below. Some of them i re-bought to play with GOG launcher's fixes and because i wanted to help these "old friends" too.

    On the previous post link where i am describing how the Windows 7, 8 and tomorrow the Windows 10 players can continue playing their Windows Games on their Windows PC, that their CPU may not be supported from Windows 11 anymore i made a "mistake" ...


    I wrote that the last working version of GOG Galaxy launcher for Windows 7 is the but i realized when i installed this version that it updates to the last BETA as well! This made me further search the situation of GOG Galaxy launcher and i found that other sites like Techspot on their page offer a legacy client version for download too but with no luck because it redirected me to an other page that was speaking for Techspot download client for apps and after that i stopped trying with Techspot....

    Also, I tried to download directly the last version by changing the numbers to the official GOG cdn link with no luck to find any official link for the GOG Galaxy launcher that Techspot offers.
    In the other hand, if you download and install the last Epic Games launcher, it just updates itself during installation and it works just fine with Windows 7.

    Summarizing the ways and the links on How we can still install the last GOG and Epic launchers on Windows 7, 8 PC to continue playing your Games the first month of 2024 are these of the following lists and indeepentent from ESU status of Windows 7 (tested on a full 2020 updated windows 7 PC too).

Epic Games 

  1. Epic Games Launcher for Windows 7 and Windows 8 Download page for Windows covers all versions of Windows!

 GOG Galaxy

  1. Download the official GOC launcher and allow it to update to the GOG Galaxy that is the last for all Windows Versions!!!