10 years later i realized why Commander Siegecrusher needs 5 players to start re-capturing towers in WvW. It seems Scouters and Roamers never approved to have and play a Role in WvW.

 WvW feature with code name Commander Siegecrusher is another one proof that WvW is a 100% controlled PvP extension of PvE and not a SandBox PvP game-mode as many think! 

    During EU Match-ups and all these years, and when i am playing WvW at late night or early morning i have end up many times to uncomfortable situation to beg other people to stay inside Commander's Siegecrusher area to start recapturing our left and right Towers before logoff because players don't like listening or following orders by unknown players to them (i don't blame them, i am doing the same many times) or following... a NPC like Commander Siegecrusher is. 


     The title i used for the 1st article was not chosen at random and now, the PvE progress is more important than any time in the past since nobody can roam in WvW without ascended gear / food and with only the  help of the basic exotic 80 level gear / food form TP that Anet rewards the new 80 level players or characters. A Reward that never changed the last 10 years! If you want to read more for this gearing problem read this article.

    Now new WvW players learn hard-way that they can't roam with the exotic gear or the old builds but many of them still think that WvW is another PvP game-mode and they refuse to stay in Commander's Siegecrusher area when they have lost everything in the map. The reason for this behavior can be anything including that they don't understand what Commander Siegecrusher is designed to do.

What is Commander Siegecrusher?

    Anet Designed this feature to help Server's WvW players when they are outnumbered and lost everything in Map to capture the first left and right Towers with an NPC that is very hard to be defeated from the enemies and here comes my question that never took answer from Anet's Devs in the old WvW oficial forums.

Why Commander Siegecrusher needs 5 players? 

    5 players at 06:00 in the morning can be found only in a guild's chat if people are in a different time-zone! Nowhere else and the only logical explanation someone can give why this feature needs 5 players, not even 2 players, like a couple of friends or lovers is...

Commander Siegecrusher needs 5 players because Anet never wanted Scouters or Roamers aka the lonely WvW players to have and play A ROLE in WvW.  WvW designed for guilds and only Commanders with their Zergs, not for Scouters or Roamers!

     The Scouters and  Roamers like Vavume and his 20000 captured camps in WvW was an accident for Anet and with the first 2 expansions (HoT & PoF) Anet got rid of them by removing the claim feature from level 3 and less guilds. This is why to claim a silly object that flip 300 times or more per day like a camp needs  the presentation of 3 players from a guild to claim it.

    If an Anet Dev ask me now if they did correct or not, i will answer him/her to explain us why they merged the Servers in WvW if everything they do is fine and good for WvW?

    If Anet wanted the lonely players have a role inside WvW, Commander's Siegecrusher activation could be activated with only one player and not 5 like it is now! 

    This is unfortunately the only logical answer can someone give and this is why Anet never changed this mechanism to help Scouters like me and other gw2 players to make the WvW a real ... Sandbox PvP extension of PvE! It remained just a PvP extension of PvE and high controlled too! A search in YouTube with these 3 words (Anet Dev WvW) will convinced you for my words.


    In Aurora Glade the most famous Scout was Mollori as you can see the conversation between him and the Guild Raid Commander (Jinx Ashclaw) in the above picture. The friendly speak from Guild Com for him even he wasn't on his Guild was the result of a conversation inside our Old Aurora Glade Forums where all sides explained the style of their game and everyone accepted the new facts that seems Anet never accepted (you will read later why i say that).

      If old players see this screenshot and go to a WvW Map today, they will  agree with me that the only reason for Commander Siegecrusher still needs 5 players is because Anet didn't want to encourage single or lonely players playing WvW like Scouters and Roamers finally are.

    It is clear to me today after all these years that Scouters & Roamers was something unexpected for Anet and i saw it written too in WvW Official Forums when i asked the reason they removed the claim feature to camps from level 3 and less guilds after 1st expansion:  here .

    As a Scout my self many times for Aurora Glade i know time taught Anet's Devs the simplest lesson that our enemies in WvW learned fast by a... stomp (we stomp them or they stomp us 😂) and a video like this below can prove that...


Better Dead in a Full Map than Alive in an Empty Map!*


    This Video is 4 years old and shows exactly the situation i wrote at the beginning of this article. Put yourself at the position of this up-level character and you don't have anyone to play with or against. Why Anet doesn't offer a legal way to start flipping back the Towers that his/her side lost? If you see at  00:52  Both  Commander Siegecrushers are enabled and are waiting 5 players to activating them . If an up-level character can't continue the game, it can't continue the game a normal character too and when the character leaves WvW with this psychology the damage has done to the Morale of Server's players and their experience in WvW. 

This Video above is the Reason why WvW failed during time.

    Slowly day by day when people for any reason don't stay inside WvW Maps, WvW maps becoming Desert. but, Scouters like this uplevel character with the help of Commander Siegecrusher could start the recapturing procedure of the Towers and give life back to Server that lost everything.
     So imo, Scouters and Roamers are not only necessary for WvW but they are a Vital element of WvW and if Anet wants to give life back to WvW, Devs should start thinking ways to implement them in WvW as important element of WvW. 
    Anet is in panic mode now and they are trying to create GvG as last chance to support the remaining WvW guilds that should had support from the 1st time in WvW but i have a feeling that they will implement GvG to replace WvW something that is wrong by design since the WvW Guilds can't be WvW Guilds without WvW (i have said it before at this post. Where you will find new Members for GvG if not from WvW servers? from coffee shops ? be serious WvW dev and don't shoot your foot). There are solutions that can give life to WvW the next day if you implement them.
    For Example, Anet can create time-limited (to not abused from enemies spies) Scout Towers inside and at the middle of all Objects in WvW (keeps, towers and camps). This way people that are doing same time their home work in their PC at home or they want to relax and chat or have disabilities (these people need more than anyone to play the scout role for their Server) etc. Scouters & Roamers can play and enjoy WvW same time and give life to the Maps... chat Scout Towers that can't be attacked or attack nobody and someone can see much farther in the horizon and they can accessed from the ground. Inside these Scout Towers there are 4 Asura screens that people from the side have captured the Scout Tower can use to see and hear 3 times farther than normal on 4 horizons.

        p.s. The Individuals, Anet gave this name to the Scouters and Roamers in their last update: here, makes clear to me that there is a culture or ideology situation behind the problem that affects WvW. The poor sales of EoD seems weren't enough for Anet Devs to see the Reality and i am in the unpleasant position to inform anyone that is still interested for WvW that the future without Scouters and Roamers will be difficult from the beginning. Anything Anet brings for GvG will bring back some people for curiosity but when players face again all the PvE Frankenstein problems i am currently facing don't expect they'll remain for long time in game.

    It is the 3rd day that i haven't logged and ofc i am leaving behind any plan i had for [MAGG] Guild because this PvE Frankstein that became the GW2 PvE after 3 expansions stresses me.. Servers, PvE, WvW, Guilds, Scouters, Commanders, Roamers everything is connected like a chain for the players in WvW. Only Anet and lunatics devs can't see what WvW realy is... for WvW Players! 

 * or should i say... Better Dead, than Forgotten?