Don't even think WvW Roaming without an Expansion Build and food from Gourmet Training after EoD expansion!

I have a feeling that Anet is using WvW Roaming to promote their Expansions, but maybe not and i am just too suspicious as gamer!

    If you search for WvW Roaming meta builds during 2022 you will not find for the 9 core professions any of the old power builds for WvW, but only New Power Builds (with at least one new specialization**) and Condition Builds with the new armor (Trailblazer Armor. Make sense now what i wrote: here ?).
    Since i spoke for Power Builds on Thief i want to make a small mention to one of the most dedicated and famous roamer of Aurora Glade that played his Thief  for Aurora Glade's WvW first and after for his fun!
    Maybe my bad English are not the best to speak for Vavume and his thief but, he and all these Aurora Glade players that played at nights trying to maintain Aurora Glade's Morale and... Score is exactly what after expansion Anet threw under the Supremacy of the 10 men Zerg Bus and the Supremacy of the big Guilds with the Claim removal from the old Guilds that were less than Level 4.

    For all these WvW roamers from Aurora Glade that i was part of them many nights, Anet gave a very unlucky title! Anet called us... INDIVIDUALS as you can see on Anet's last announcement for the upcoming expansion for WvW alliances: here (and if they remove it the archive is: here).

    Full Stop here to say some things to Anet's Devs and to All these Gaming Devs that are making the mistake to think that their players are only... 12 years old children! Gamers are not part of the cattle (Guild) or individuals (Roamers). This is how the situation looks-like but this is not what is really happening inside your games.
    As old gw2 player with many achievement titles i picked the [Play for Keeps] title and you can see it to my YouTube's channel banner of the sidebar on the right because all these 1000 keeps captures or defenses* , from the old days until today were after hard zerg fights, hard havoc fights at nights with the players of Aurora Glade or even after a sneaky capture exactly like it was the 1000th capture. It's a really hard earned achievement, and not a girly one that Anet likes so much... lately! (i will speak for this but not yet).

    Even inside Virtual Reality environments like games finally are, players want to make their time matters for a sacred purpose, and this is exactly what Vavume means when he says "silent war" at 00:43 of his video for the 20000 captured camps in WvW. Vavume's 20000 captured camps have the same meaning for him with Tsekouri's (mine) 1000 captured keeps and all people WvW achievements that are playing for their server first.

    Ofc, there is not a real sacred war but as i sad the people who are playing games are not only children that are playing only for... fun and i stop here because i don't want conversation goes there even some people in or from... gw2 forums want so much... check it if you still want and make your own conclusions. 
    So, the days passed and Guild Wars 2 as game changed a lot after 10 years and its 3 expansions.

    The new professions became OP for roaming against the old builds and Condition Damage + Condition Duration became almost the easy Win -Win situation as Roamer. It's more than obvious that if you see the big picture of the meta-battle site with the WvW Builds and the comments on them, that the power builds are still viable but only from the experts that count and measure everything in fights and not without new specializations. The easy win-win solution in roaming is the "Condition Gods" because the power builds lack of  armor that helps to absorb the mistakes or the unlucky choices in fight and if you replace the suggested celestial with Trailblazer as i said here the builds will be "God-Like" !
The Great WvW meta Builds list for 2022.


    Also the ascended foods from Gourmet Training (500 Chef craft level) now make the big difference with their 3rd stat in Roaming because they are account bound and expensive to craft foods. The new players should forget the roaming alone until they master their Chef Crafting to 500. Unfortunately the Gourmet Training cost a lot of in-game gold. Personally i spent more than 30 gold and i had tone of materials! The wiki calculates the total cost up to 83 gold. There is another way other the Gourmet Training but it's time spending procedure and i think costs more...

    So, In conclusion. If you are new Aurora Glade WvW player and you haven't ascended weapon/armor and foods better stay inside the safety of the zerg blob or the havoc group. If you are returning old player like me don't roam without a new specialization and before do your Gourmet Training achievement to raise your chef craft to 500!

*in this video i attacked the back-line area of the enemy zerg with my warrior. i didn't hide the chat or the skills because i want you see what i used and that we were 5 men that attacked the whole zerg (the mini-map don't lie). Now you simple can't do the same because CC and Conditions are both OP and the zerg will crash you when the berserker stance removed.

** expect the old power thief that it still has extremely burst output but it lacks of defenses and a smart counter with aegis can easily destroy this build or... reflect it 😉!