The W inside WvW or WvWvW means World aka Server and if this ever change, it will be the end of WvW as game mode.

The Guild Alliances Beta week has ended and with what i saw i lost every hope i had for the future of WvW.

  With the Skirmish system Anet merged the Servers to solve the coverage problem Servers had the majority of time during the 24 hours of the day and it succeeded to hide the problem "under the carpet".

    In PvE the coverage problems from underpopulated or overpopulated servers solved with the MegaServer System. The MegaServer System in PvE transforms the Server Maps into new Instances with people from various servers to regulate the population on Maps.

    In Pve the MegaServer instancing worked well because the end game in PvE is the gear, recipes, items in general and achievements that players win after a mission and it is not the Server's Rank (you can see Aurora Glade current WvW Rank here  and for Aurora's Glade Players Achievement Score: here) or the Guild's Pride many people feel when they are playing WvW for their Server or the Guild that formed 1st time from the players of a... Server too!

    You like it or not for a whole decade guild wars 2 had guilds playing inside WvW and most of these guilds were Server Based guilds except the GvG guilds that were moving from Server to Server for "greener... playgrounds". The members of the majority of guilds raised their toons together, they raised the level of their guild together and conquered and defended Server's objects in WvW for the whole guild wars 2 history... TOGETHER!
    The bonds this situation created can not be replaced from a blind guild alliance system without a Server as its Base and people already expressed this concern in official forums.  Read an example on this post here.

    As i have said in  the pinned post in my site the instancing helped Anet's Devs managing better the active population in PvE because population on a map is a dynamic variable and unstable but IMO they implemented it wrong in WvW because they are forcing servers playing under the flag or Name of different server and some times long time enemies of them like this time that i saw from inside what means the AM night blobbing...!

    During the Guild Alliances Beta Week Anet revived the old Edge of the Mist System inside the 4 WvW Maps and they totally destroyed the Worlds = Servers and this the reason that pushed me to write this post on official forums (read it  here). You can agree or not with my opinion that guild alliances are actually an EotM implementation on WvW Servers but you can't deny that they didn't solve the coverage or the queue problem as you can see in the image below with the big queue number that wasn't even during prime time!

What was the Problem with Guild Alliance Beta Week?

    The main reason that made me lost any hope i had for WvW's future wasn't the implementation of EotM inside WvW BUT... the Destructive implementation! If you don't understand why it is Destructive implementation of WvW to remove any connection with Server on WvW please stop reading now because you can't understand the basics of WvW or what the 1st image above shows but if you want to know what they did wrong i am sure the technical and the wvw-ish explanation and the solution that follow will satisfy you.

    I really don't know why they involved EBG inside this Guild Alliance System when we all know that the EBG map is not the guild's favorite map but the unguild player's aka PUG's of the Server favorite Map. EBG always was the map that guilds are proving their value to the people of the server and they are recruiting new members inside the guild.

    We also know that the EBG can remain as the Server's Map aka World's map from Anet's Devs words (here) because they said that each instance has 500 player limit and we see exactly this number all the time during the 3-side big battles inside EBG and around the Stonemist Castle. Also the /m aka /map chat works only inside each one of the 4 maps of the match-up.

     So, each instance is a Map that hosts maximum 500 players and the matchup is a sum of 4 instances. (Also it's a common secret that the limits for all mmo games is around ... 2000 players per server. Old mmo players have heard this number many times in the past and from other mmo games too)

Question: Can the Guild Alliance System works together with the Server System?

Short Answer: Yes, long answer continue reading....

    If WvWDevs don't want to destroy WvW as game-mode they can allow the Server has its dedicated Map as, the EBG Map is and move the rest 3 Maps to their Guild Alliances System and make anything they want to these 3 Maps = different Instances, just like they are the old Edge of the Mist Map! 
     Yes, Keep the EBG Map as Home Server and move the 3 Home Maps to the old Edge of the Mist Map as Guild Alliance Maps!
    Home Servers were always the Maps for organized groups Zerg Fights (WvW guilds) and if you still disagree watch the 100+ videos on the top of the frontpage. Almost all of them are on Home Borderlands not in EBG Map!

    I assure you this approach is something that will fix more problems from the past because the home servers bring many times misery and disappointment to the casual / PvE / PUG players of the Server (but not individuals!) and many of them are hating to play in Home Maps as outnumbered because of the stress they feel when they are losing Home's Garrison or any other object.this is not happening on EBG because there is always people there to fight and take back objects soon!

    I am sure with what i wrote until now you all understand that the movement of all Maps to the guild alliance System will be the End of WvW and it will be really silly if the new game-mode keeps the WvW as name if there is not any Server's dedicated Map associated with it!

WvW Fact: It will not be WvW anymore if there is not any Map for the Server's people!

    Also, after this guild alliance beta week it is obvious that this system needs much more support than just one tab you see on the image below and the problem it created it was predictable, but i don't want to write for the necessary corrections or additions to this system. it's Anet's WvWDevs system, not mine but i will help them to make my idea technically viable and most of all a win-win solution.


Technically Speaking now if they decide to keep EBG as World's = Server's Map.

For Pug Players aka Unguild Players and not in any Guild Alliance Team.

    A player from a Server has one dedicated WvW Server Map to play (EBG) as it is now and alone as it was at the beginning of the game. No links with other Servers please. Home Borderlands can host the Guild Alliances or grey like EotM is now and someone can continue access them as neutral zones to make the necessary achievements, vista and quests that are still bind on these Maps or on the game system. A neutral area with only the required NPC mobs for achievements and Garrisons, Keeps and Towers without doors and claims to allow people finish the map completion achievement

Update 30-10-2022: By removing the Home Borderlands from the Server System and moving them to the Guild Alliance System, they will accelerate their development time too. Of  course they should total remove EoTM map to force GvG match-ups to take place only on the Guild Alliances Maps (The 3 old Home Borderlands)!

    Now i think that it is better and faster approach to remove the Home Borderlands from the Server System and to add them to the Guild Alliances System as it was in Guild Alliance Beta Week with no any map design change!!!. This way all sides will be satisfied, because ... EBG = OLD WvW System  and Home Bordelands = Guild Alliances ( and 5 instances = 😃 no more queues for guild runs and guild supremacy!!! )

    When they have time WvW devs can make any change they want related to Home Servers. Nobody really needs to do these achievements in Home Maps, with one command in database i am sure they can assign these achievements to all old and future players!

For WvW Guild Players in one or more Guild Alliance Teams.

     A guild should have the ability to join or not the guild alliances. it should not be necessary as it was in guild beta alliance week and it should never be necessary like it is not necessary to belonging in a guild!  Each alliance will have its home map (exactly where are the Home Maps now and exactly with the functionality they had in Beta Week) that will be instance ofc and since it increases significant the requirement instances (5 guilds = 5 guild alliances = 5 x 3 matchup/instances while now a player has only 1 matchup/instance to play) they can add this feature as a ... Paid Service for the guilds that want to participate into guild alliance system (with gem license like Anet is already doing with home farming. A player can have more than one plot for the seeds if buys a license with gems from TP) but since the Home WvW Maps need more H/W resources than Home Instances it needs money to be created for so many players. Server resources is the big problem guys and this is why they created EotM when WvW was full of WvW Guilds!


Question: Why a guild should participate to more than one guild alliances?

Answer:  The Guild Rank WvW Page Score that is still missing from Guild Wars 2 Site! 

    More Guild Alliances means more WvW score, means... level up on Guild Rank WvW Page because guilds that belong to more than 1 guild alliances will earn more Guild Rank WvW Score because of their WvW activity. Sounds like pay to win option but it's not about players to call it p2w, it's about the guilds and the correct word should be g2a from guild to advance and it's a necessary because of the extra servers cost that already brings this Guild Alliances system they were shown to us... It's time to calculate the Server Costs from your Guild Alliance implementation dear WvW Dev and compare it with my solution!
    Also more server match-ups/instances doesn't mean free Guild WvW Score for guilds like it is now because  the players of the Server inside the existent WvW system back other Guilds by defending their claimed objects. You all took a taste in guild alliance beta week what Server people will do soon when they don't know the guild that claimed the Towers and Keeps. No more free support to people unknown to them, It's very simple!

Technically speaking, Communication part now.

/g = guild chat as it is now (each guild 1 instance chat)
/m = map chat as it is now (1 instance chat)
/t = team will be alliance chat (guild alliance maps = 3 GUILD ALLIANCE maps + EBG like now the team chat) and one player can be in up to 5 guild alliances

Just think the existent Team as the Alliance System and everything will make sense soon!

    But all these changes have huge development cost (including what they already did for guild alliances and they will do for them) and i really don't know why they don't adopt my idea for alliances that i have already post months ago and it is the pinned post on my site and IMO it is far better for the pride of servers, the guilds and the PUG players by making real alliance system between servers and by creating equal pairs and with much lesser development cost because it is the same with the current linking system but with different approach and a real good system for WvW that is a championship system same with Fall 2014 in WvW. 
    Maybe they can't see the profit behind my idea and i understand that as gaming company they need to secure their Net income too and this is why i proposed a small change on Guild Alliance System that will be victorious for their guild alliances idea and not total destructive as it is now for the WvW System!

    That's all folks and teammates from Aurora Glade or any Server (World) and probable this is my last post for gw2 because after beta alliance week i stopped the game for second time. As i said in the title of this post i lost the hope for the future of WvW with what i saw in guild alliance beta week and i really can't find a reason to continue the game, or the [MAGG] as site for the WvW guild because i created both to help Aurora Glade and only. How can i help Aurora Glade in WvW if there is not the Server in the system with guild alliances they want to create? Rhetoric Question.... again!

    Update: if you want to discuss, agree or disagree this is the post with my proposal on official forums. Write your opinion there please. i will read it but i don't promise that i will answer too!

p.s. Sorry for the very long post but this blog's mission wasn't to play the journalist or to be a livestreamer / youtuber*  but to write down somewhere my thoughts and my needs as gamer without the fear someone purge the site because he/she can't handle what players want or think as it happened with the old forums.

*Both livestreams and videos had a role to prove that i am real player of Aurora Glade Server and not someone that paid to write against or in favor of guild wars 2 and to help me recruit players from the Server for the Make Aurora Glade Great [MAGG] guild as WvW dedicated guild since all my old guilds are PvE and for emotional and Bank reasons can't leave them and unfortunately after guild alliance beta week any plan for that guild and the game just vanished.