Mixed Servers in WvW. This is not what we asked before 9 years in official Guild Wars 2 forums!

The Current WvW System in GW2 doesn't solve Eu's Servers main problem in WvW, only Anet's problems!

    Before almost 9 years i started writing to official forums about the main problem of the European Servers that we always had (read more... here).


      The Night Coverage.


    The time passed, the old forums purged and many threads disappeared (i found only 1 page of my posts still up) and the Night Coverage problem in WvW became WvW coverage for Anet after the two major expansions (2015 & 2016) that made the guild cost too heavy for dedicated WvW pvp oriented guilds and many of them stopped playing the game.

    Someone that knows nothing about games and gamers will ask.... 

    Why dedicated WvW guilds stopped after HoT expansion since Anet implemented a better guild system for them?

    Because gamers are not only gamers they are human beings too and the in-game life economy affects their real life economy too! 

    How? The demand for materials skyrocketed their price and things became very expensive for wvw guilds. it was something that i am sure nobody was ready. if you see the price of a core material for guild upgrades after HoT expansion (october 2015) the prices skyrocketed http://www.gw2spidy.com/item/19701 and they dropped after months during 2016. For this situation i made this GW2 meme for HoT expansion and i wanted to expose Anet's apathy on what players are thinking or is happening to them while they are playing and supporting same time Anet's WvW Game-mode but meanwhile the damage had done for WvW guilds and WvW...

    This is where WvW Devs that seems they forgot what we had write for alliance system in official forums before 9 years called to find a solution for the Coverage problem that the 2 PvE expansions created by Anet's  mistake and probable they implemented the easiest solution for them. 

    They brought Skirmishes (that were too weak to kill night coverage supremacy), mixed WvW servers (that nobody likes because THEY FORCED PLAYERS PLAYING UNDER THE NAME OF A DIFFERENT SERVER, different from the SERVER THEY CHOSE WHEN THEY CREATED THEIR 1ST CHARACTER*) and mindless PPT (that "beauty" created by skirmishes), while i and many other players had asked from Anet's devs to create Server Alliances under a Championship System and some other people very dedicated to antagonized zerg fights they had asked GvG arenas/system. Nothing else!

    Server Alliances that will allow the players from High coverage WvW matchup to play on their ally Server's matchup and vice-versa. This would allow the WvW guilds have bigger audience and be the "heroes" to more people too! Also we had propose the Championship of the alliance to start September and finish on May when the summer ends and starts and most of the gamers stop playing games!

    This solution also solves the "Basket with rocks" problem the partners of Anet are using to explain the guild alliance Anet is bringing to GW2 because every player from the 2 servers in the Alliance will have double options to choose**. You are a player of a WvW guild in a full coverage server and your guild has not a raid today but you want to play on EBG but your EBG is full as always ? No Problem mate ! You can play on your alliance's EBG with less or no Queue prime-time since it is your low coverage server in the alliance!

    27 Servers matchmaking with closed eyes now.

2nd + 27th, 3rd + 26th, 4th + 25th, 5th+24th, etc ... 14th + 15th and voila i just created EQUAL PAIRS that together have almost the same population and possible the same coverage, because for example 2+27 = 29 like any other pair !!!

    What about 1st Server? Actually 1st Server doesn't want a pair because it should fall next season,and if not, kudos for them.They deserve it to be 1st!

    I know that my English are not the best since i am Greek and i am not using them everyday but also i know that you understand what i write here and if you still can't or want to understand what we had prοpose before 9 years I CAN DRAW IT FOR YOU ;)


What we asked for WvW before 9 years from Anet in Official Forums and what we got!


    I know about programming and system/database administration and i understand that instancing helps a lot the resources management (H/W Servers) and devs want to marry instancing with the in-game servers and WvW and this is why they had create the Edge of the Mists but in every problem there is a win-win solution and maybe there is a way to Marry GvG, guild alliances in WvW with the Server Pride that exists inside any scout or roamer gw2 player on WvW servers. 

    Time for Memories now...

    The best WvW time every week was Friday Night just before reset when all WvW guilds with their guildies and WvW addicted players (scouts or roamers) were gathering to Lion Arch's TP  to travel to WvW Maps. This was a weekly celebration moment and the instancing of Lion Arch killed it!

    I really can't find a reason why they didn't create an instance just for the Servers before the weekly reset. They don't want permanently instance for the servers? Ok, np create a server instance for only 1-3 hours before reset. 1-3 hours where people will spent all these funny consumables with their server people and WvW oriented guilds will find new members for their gvg teams. 

    And for the last i will say the obvious.The new Alliances should never replace the Current In-game Servers. If Anet kill in-game servers like they are doing now with the merging of servers they will kill the Guild Pool for new players and the WvW guilds will start having problems finding new members when old members are leaving or playing less.

These few words for now, time for WvW for my Server, For Aurora!

* i would like here to say that i can't find a single reason for this mistake!!!

** if the game's aging affects the population of all servers, expand the server alliances to 3 servers and so on!