Dear Anet, European Ethnic Servers in GW2 should all mixed with European Servers or with None!

 Mixed Nationalities for Us but not for Thee, Right?


    When i started playing again GW2 and WvW some months ago, Aurora Glade under the new System of Merged Servers had as alliance member the Underworld Server that is a European Server and not a Εthnic Server. The WvW experience was great again and reminded me why i love WvW.

     Before i continue i will remind some Guild Wars 2 history about European Servers. Thank God the information about them is still up but i will add them in a quote to remain in my site too. From this post 10 years ago a friendly reminder about Ethnic Affiliation of European Guild Wars Servers

A complete list of European servers and current country affiliation 

Compiled from a variety of sources (Reddit, GW2Guru, GW2Guilds, various other fansites and messageboards), this seem to be roughly where people are headed. If you're looking for which servers communities are rolling on, that's here. Any corrections or additions to these would obviously be great.

Abaddon's Mouth- Official German

Augury Rock- Official French

Aurora Glade- Mostly unaffiliated, some South African, English speaking

Baruch Bay- Official Spanish

Blacktide- Unofficial Polish. Russian community has moved to Vabbi.

Desolation- Unofficial UK

Drakkar Lake- Official German, unofficial roleplaying

Elona Reach- Official German

Far Shiverpeaks- Unofficial Scandinavian/Netherlands, some Belgian

Fissure of Woe- Unofficial Italian

Fort Ranik- Official French

Gandara- Unofficial UK

Gunnar's Hold- Mostly unaffiliated

Jade Sea- Official French

Kodash- Official German

Piken Square- Unofficial roleplaying

Ring of Fire- Unofficial Eastern European

Riverside- Official German

Ruins of Surmia- Unofficial English speaking. Spanish community has moved to Baruch Bay.

Seafarer's Rest- All mainland Europe

Underworld- Portuguese, Greek, Maltese, likely to be fairly mixed due to the name.

Vabbi- Unofficial Russian

Vizunah Square- Official French

Whiteside Ridge- Reddit community, large Italian and Hungarian presence (see comments, FoW is still the official unofficial Italian server)


    Ofc, most of the European Servers are changed but the Ethnic Servers remained the same! Ethnic Servers and all these months i realized that Anet is matching the Germans, French and Spain Servers between them and every Ethnic Server can't have a pair with... a European Server and not with a different Ethnic Server*. 

 Full Stop Here, because i have to Ask WHY, from Anet.


    i don't expect an answer because i know the answer. It's Another One Anet's WvW Mistake!


    And what is the result of this Mistake ? The Franco-German Alliance in WvW like you see on the last Night's WvW Map from the above image at late Night and not only a late night situation. This happens the whole day until more people show up on WvW . 12 hours later and while i am writing this post the blue and green borderlands are still the same like the image above!Nothing changed for Ethnic Servers the Half Day. I wrote about the Day to understand the scale of the problem!

 I didn't want to write about these things in this site but with your decisions Anet you are bringing the biggest debate of our time in the front-page of WvW... and what you just see in the above image is that all five servers are playing against only one on this match-up.  They are all playing against Aurora Glade!

    HOW I KNOW ? 

    I Opened Com Tag with no guild tag at red "alliance" borderland and i captured Red Garrison at the morning and when i tried to stop blue (Anet's German-alliance) from capturing necropolis while i had setup a catapult to remove the way-point on the second blue keep i end up fighting against 4 blue in necropolis tower alone and nobody from the 3 french in the map followed me and when i asked the reason they called me on map /say .. NOOB because even i had no guild tag, they knew that i was from different server since i spoke only English on map chat and not french like them .

    Ofc, i logged off and since then i monitored the situation to make safe conclusions of what is happening here. After 12 hours (i setup s/w to capture every hour the WvW situation from my site on this page) i found that our enemies wanted both to destroy Aurora Glade's WvW experience and our "ally" member as ethnic server only cared about their claimed keep and not for their WvW "alliance"'s match-up overall.

Dear Anet, You want mix servers system in WvW? Fine,  Mix everyone not only European Servers with Ethnic Servers! Period.


* If you can't find a pair for the remaining Ethnic Server that You created Anet, close the Server. We don't care for your costumers since You Anet you don't care for everyone else in European Servers as... customers!


    Update 1 day later of the original post:   Someone from the Blue (German) Alliance had the "Brilliant" idea to make the same exactly one day later to the Green (French) Alliance. Enjoy the image...


    I am sure that my article had nothing to do with that event because it flatters me if it has and i am sure nobody from Anet wants my personal good after all these articles and memes but this event made things worse than it were for WvW because it exposes the LACK of the current WvW Pairing System to offer what people say... Fair Game to ALL Servers in WvW.

    Also, it makes my article more valid than it was before one day because it proves that the existent pair system creates a "Monster" that scary the weakest servers in a match-up for the longest period of the day. Nobody in match-ups has really problem if a blob at 06:00 am reset everything on the map. It can happened many times without even a blob. 5 players with omegas can do it on empty maps, but the problem comes when one alliance destroys the WvW experience for 1 or 2 enemies the whole half day! 

    This problem comes directly by the existent pair system of merged servers in WvW, that Anet Created, not me! And this is why i am speaking directly from the beginning of the article to Anet, because Anet created it!

     In my pinned article on this site (here) i speak about FAIR MATCH-UPS, and i give a solution how Anet can still create fair match-ups the majority of the day by pairing servers differently than it is now. I didn't play yesterday and in a conversation that i had with friends from other servers (old Aurora Glade's players that left) told me more things that unfortunately can't say on this site, but i can say only this....

     Anet Clean your House, Stop creating "Monsters" and don't ever think that the gamers of your game don't know what is really happening behind the scenes.