After 3 Expansions Guild Wars 2 is Suffering from the PvE Frankenstein Syndrome. And unfortunately, after each expansion this disease is becoming worse!

First time yesterday and after more than 5000 hours of playtime in Guild Wars i rage quit the game. Not for WvW because we lost a Keep but from PvE because the challenge with the NPC in a Living Story Episode was really frustrating!


    I have speak in the past for the PvE Frankenstein Syndrome that Guild Wars 2 is suffering but never analyzed it and Here's the moment to speak about this problem because if Anet don't see and fix the problem now or in the near future, Guild Wars 2 will number its last days. Mark my words...

    This problem i call it PvE Frankenstein Syndrome and became more annoying to Guild Wars 2 fans and players after EoD Expansion (as we saw Anet's Partners trying to calm them in Youtube but with wrong way*) and let me inform you that it wasn't the EoD Expansion the start of the problem. This problem started from the last episodes of the 2nd living story and became more intense after the 1st of 2 expansions.

    Before i start the analytic procedure i need to reveal what was the Unique Element that all mmo players loved in GW2's PvE and made GW2's PvE so great! To make it more obvious to you as gw2 players think what are you feeling when you see other players jumping on the event you are playing. You feel joy because other players are playing with you side by side and it was something that happened and it wasn't organized. So...

What makes the Guild Wars 2 PvE Open World feel alive and makes it better than other mmo?


    The Chain of Events was the reason that GW2's PvE is Great. Not the Fractals, Not the Boss Events, Not the Living Stories or the Legendary Weapons /Armors and ofc not the Stupid F*ing Bounties!


    The Chain of Events in Open World is making the PvE of GW2 great and all mmo players that have play a lot of mmo games will agree with me that this is what Anet did better than all other mmo games and what makes the GW2 PvE ... alive and kicking!

    You don't believe me because i am a GW2 player and WvW mostly? Ok no problem. Read what a WoW player says in public... here. 


A funny Bug that triggered the end titles before 9 years while i was  ready to start the chain events to liberate Malchor's Leap.

    If it tells you something, my last and 7th character (Tsekourios) is permanently parked in Cursed Shore and some times i am going back to Malchor's Leap to check if any chain event started to jump and fight side by side with other players!

     Tyria is full of Chain Events and there are some some nice chain events in new Maps but the last 9 months i haven't found Chain Event like this at Straits of Devastation that you have to change Map.

    I have a feeling even i haven't played yet that after EoD all the Video and the Arguments about how bad is the EoD's PvE are valid because players are consumers and they are playing games to have... fun not to have all the time challenges!

    Unfortunately, after 1st expansion and i know it well now, every new PvE content in GW2 became Challenge and not Pleasure like chain events was in the past and with less chain open world events!

    And i am already hearing the voices of the elitist PvErs that will jump on this topic and disagree with me and will say "GAMES ARE NOT FUNNY IF THEY ARE EASY" and blah blah utter BS...***

    The Liberation Of Malchros's Leap is... EASY? Of Course NOT and not only it isn't easy but it scales too and the whole procedure involves 2 areas (Straits of Devastation and Malchor's Leap ) and levels from 70 up to 80 level area until the Balthazar Temple! Read the flaw chart of all these Events: here

     This flaw chart of events i personally call it the Liberation of Malchor's Leap and it is still my favorite Chain Events in GW2 and i hope is not one of the last remaining Chain Events from Tyria in GW2. 

    To understand why i call them Chain Events and not just Group Events, i will upload the screenshot of the events to let you understand that there is a if / else logic (success, failure) behind these Chain Events and this logic creates all the fun to players and all the headache to Anet's Developers but i am sure nobody told them until now that this headache was for the most of GW2 players their best moments in PvE!

    This success or failure on events that was very important some times makes people that playing GW2 feeling that they are part of the game and this is what it makes our WoW friend from the link i posted before saying that the GW2 events are...  incredibly alive.



These Chain Events are very funny because players that know them see them as a mission and players that don't know them see them like a... movie and the actors are themselves!

     The unlucky people that see the area open and in peace because they missed these Chain Events is like my friends that stopped playing GW2 because they all had become Fractal Professors and GW2 had nothing else to give them!

    The FUN ArenaNet's Devs took from us slowly day by day by making every PvE event in GW2 a mini FRACTALS is the reason that GW2 became a PvE Frankenstein! There are many different kind of PvE in GW2 now and inside them different types of them and with different levels of challenge and quality.

    For Example, yesterday i raged quit the living story because my main character (Tsekouri) is Guardian and it is the only Character that i am doing all the Living Stories and someone from the Dev team added a time challenge for thieves / rangers (dps) characters inside a living story. A LIVING STORY THAT I BOUGHT WITH GEMS.  Watch the challenge here and the secret for 3 minutes here.**

    I have no words to describe what i am feeling now and how much i have pissed off with Anet's decisions all this time to abandon the best PvE part of GW2 that was the Chain Events to focus on Fractals, Boss Events, Living Stories and the stupidest PVE ever that was the Bounties but in the name of GOD (any God you believe or not) ANSWER only this Question.   


What kind of people add time challenge inside a living story that players are paying to play it?

    If Anet's Devs still find the "Defeat the Mark II Beta Exterminator under 3 minutes" VALID as element in a Living Story that Anet is selling differently and optional then you see the end of GW2 in the face guys for Real this time and not in game like me before 9 years (above image👆)!

* i openly demand from Anet Partners on YouTube to stop blaming GW2 players for Anet's Mistakes. There is not ANY COMMUNITY GUYS, NEVER WAS A GW2 COMMUNITY AND NEVER WILL BE. Guild Wars 2 is a game and the players are playing it to have fun not to succeed something out of the game or create a... community!

** Guildjen suggest to "Bring high DPS for this.". No, i will not Jennifer because i paid to play it not craft new armor/weapon and finally to pissed off by it!😉

*** my first fractal was when i was 10 or 12 level (i don't remember, up-leveled for sure ) and i didn't die. go play tetris now... please.